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Creator / Site Design

I'm the one who started this site back in 1996. Back then I would have never thought that JCO is going to stick around for ten years. And guess what, it's still here and hopefully will be right here for at least another ten years.

Times have changed and after a few years I wasn't able to contribute a lot to the site anymore. I'm really glad that there were people constantly keeping the site up to date. After all this is just a hobby for everyone, so very special thanks go out to everyone helping with the site.

But after all these years I'm still a JC fan. Why? That's easy. Jim is a very talented actor who worked his way up to the top of Hollywood. His facial impressions are unique. He proofed that he's not only able to be that funny guy searching for missing pets, but that he's also able to play serious characters like in "Majestic" or "Eternal Sunshine".

Again, thanks go out to all the people working on JCO. Thank you for keeping this site up-to-date.
- Lars Bräuer (11/25/2006)