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PostPosted: Wed Oct 21, 2009 3:45 am
by cotton
BigFanJimCarrey23 wrote:
cotton wrote:Thats odd cause I just saw him in a tabloid not to long ago and he didn't have the beard. He looked the same almost. He got fat in the 80's too but then he did drugs and got really skinny. I can remember when Do you really want to hurt me first came out. My sister did not know what he looked like but she fell in love with him cause of his voice. Then when we were watching MTV the video came on and she

People used to think he was possessed by the devil.

I care how Jim looks or act HE IS SO SO SO HOT!!!!!
But if Jim dos drugs i wil NOT be his fan MABEY OK I WIL STILL BE A FAN
when i look at a picture of him i look like this
My song for Jim

Ok one more time. I was not talking about Jim. I am closing this thread cause its 4 years old and confusing