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Horton Hears a Who Q &A: Jim Carrey and Steve Carell

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Horton Hears a Who Q &A: Jim Carrey and Steve Carell

Postby jimliker » Thu Mar 06, 2008 2:25 pm

The stars of the new Dr. Seuss adaptation spoke earlier this week about their work in the film and what they'll be working on next.

Carrey: It's armageddon in my pants right now. I swear to god…its armageddon.

Carell: So you're asking if I'm fucking Jim Carrey?


Carrey: Always turn your wheel in the direction of the skid. That's always been my motto all along. That's really what I do

Carrey: Brush your dentist twice a day, visit your toothbrush twice a year

Carrey: I just went to the dentist yesterday. I love the dentist. I do.

Carrey: Yeah, Ebenezer is such a great thing for me because again I get to play all kinds of different roles in the film. First of all, the process is so fascinating. You're literally in a empty warehouse with cameras all around you and you have maybe a frame of a fireplace or something like that and then you rehearse and then they say, "Can we take this away? And you're sitting on a chair and you have to create the entire world in your head and not only that -- You're working with other actors and you're in this ridiculous mocap suit with balls all over it and a hat with pincers coming down with cameras in your face. So the real work of it is transcending all of this -- the lack of stimuli and this stimuli that’s right in your face you have to transcend all of it and you're going to create the reality of the peace and also its kind of classical version of The Christmas Carol

Carrey: Yes, very much and so I'm playing the Ebenezer Scrooge of four different ages so there's a lot of vocal thing and a lot of physical things I have to do. Not to mention doing the accents properly with English accents. Irish accents…I'm also playing the past, present, and future ghosts. So there's a lot of really wonderful, you know, work in it and challenges in it. Plus, I wanted to fly in the UK and I wanted to be good and I want them to go, "Yeah! That’s for real". So we were really true to the actual book so that’s beautiful. It's an insanely incredible film and you know if you're lucky in some point in your life you will have that Christmas Carol moment. You know, I certainly have and things were going kind of south and I had the opportunity to see just how horrible things could have gotten without them actually going there and I cant get into specifics, but I had my ghost of Christmas future, you know, in a certain point of my life where I went, "Oh wow! I've got to really start caring about the right things here," and it's just a fantastic story and beautiful literature.

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