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Jim Carrey says Dr. Seuss books 'will never go out of style'

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Jim Carrey says Dr. Seuss books 'will never go out of style'

Postby jimliker » Thu Mar 13, 2008 2:22 pm

"To a majority of the public, [Carrey] was known primarily as a charmingly insane comedic force of nature,'' says F. Miguel Valenti, the director of film and media production at Arizona State University's School of Theatre and Film. "However, as he has proved time and again in his career, he is a gifted dramatic actor. . . . In fact, his most compelling performances have been of the more serious variety.''


tid bit :

Back over at Jim Carrey’s Horton premiere in Westwood, we asked J.C. what cartoon character, besides the titular pachyderm, captures him the best? “I’m so all over the place. I don’t really know who I am yet.” With the way Jimmy bounces from high-concept comedy to understated indie flick, sounds about right. Anything he hasn’t tackled yet in T-town but has always wanted to? “I don’t have those things. I have now. And this is what I do. And I try to do this as good as I can do it. And you’re it!”

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