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Jim, Carol & Steve Interview - Funny!

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Jim, Carol & Steve Interview - Funny!

Postby jimliker » Thu Mar 20, 2008 2:32 pm

"It was much more complicated than they promised it was going to be," Carrey said, sucking down coffee at a small table in Beverly Hills' Four Seasons Hotel recently.

"At the beginning, they come and say, 'A half an hour, and you're out of there,' " Carrey continued. "Months later, you're taking another Saturday. It was a lot of work. I was sorer leaving the studio some days — throat raunched and physically drained — than if I was in front of a camera."

"I got very frustrated at one point," she exclaimed, accidentally knocking over Carrey's drink. "See? I told you I was mad."

"The first time we were all three together was when we did the 'Oprah' show," said Burnett. "But we got to know each other very well on the plane."

Smiling broadly, Carrey turned to Burnett and asked: "Didn't you think the first couple of times, 'This is going to be terrible!'?" Again, more grins and nods of agreement.

He went on: "The reason they hire people like us is, when they start, I basically don't think they know where they're going. They have kind of an outline. But they want people to come in with ideas and make moments happen."

Carrey and Burnett looked at each other, then at Carell. Sunlight streamed into the room. All of them tilted their heads back and laughed as one.

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