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List 3 things you would invent for Jim

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List 3 things you would invent for Jim

Postby DarkoCPA » Thu Oct 13, 2011 5:58 pm

Just want to see peoples creativity and effort into liking Jim. So I came up with this idea. If you can't think of 3 things then thats ok. You can change your 3 things anytime because people change there mind often due to action and second thoughts. Basically all you need to do is use your creativity and think of 3 things you would invent for Jim. I want you to use your imagination and just think of anything even though you might not have the materials for it it doesn't matter its still creativity. I will start first

1. Contact lenses that allows you to see the amount of time a person has left to live above their head. For example if he wore them he would probably see a number then years, weeks or days above the persons head.

2. A death mask. Once you are wearing the death mask and if anybody looks at you directly they die either by turning into stone, melting slowly into liquid or burned by flames. This will not happen to people who he truely has feelings for if they look directly at him while he wears it death will only occur if the person is a stranger or a hater and looks directly.

3. An absorbing mirror. This is a mirror that absorbs people inside their own reflection if they look into it full of hate. This will only happen to people who come to the mirror for comfort to escape the trouble what Jim might wish upon them. The mirror in its own ways fools its victims and once there trapped the only way for them to be free is for Jim to smash the mirror and to pick up one of the smashed pieces of glass and stab into himself anywhere on his body where he knows it will heal quickly. The victim will after ask for a lot of forgiveness for Jim to do that as thats the point of them being trapped.

Don't forget to use your imagination!!! I look forward to seeing some ideas. I also look forward to you changing your ideas too becoz everyone does.

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Re: List 3 things you would invent for Jim

Postby fluffy » Thu Oct 13, 2011 7:51 pm

self cleaning socks....... :D

a miracle bed which guarantees 100% fantastic sleep....... :D

a body clock you can set according to your needs....... :D
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