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This was a D&D Day

PostPosted: Wed Apr 26, 2017 4:17 am
by Canadian Jayne
I had one of those days where
Ya feel like it can't get any dumber
But it does,
This morning
I thot i lost my ID swipe card
Couldnt figure out how it fell
Off my vest
Half hour later i realize it shifted behind
My back ;_
Allergy season is upon us and
As the day went on
It progressed
By PM. Needed R&R so I
Went to Lake to see geese
I had grabbed my jacket
In case i needed it
Stuffed it in my back pack
Got to the quiet place where
Mama goose was sitting on her nest
Felt chilly, pulled out my sweater
But lo and behold. My bra was with iton
Flailing in the air (how my bra was mixed
In with my sweater i have no idea)
I quickly stuffed it back in my bqck pack qickly looked around, hoping no one would see
Meanwhile my sweater dusted the ground whic
Had goose poop on it
Yi. what a day, hope your day was better