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Frequently Asked Questions
The Riddler
Question: What is Jim Carrey's favorite color? What is his favorite food?

A: You would not believe how many people have sent me e-mail asking these questions. Honest-to-god! And I thought I was obsessively concerned with getting all the details right.

Okay gang, here is the answer. Jim Carrey's favorite color is *green*. (I swear on a stack of video tapes.) He mentioned this during the publicity tour for "Batman Forever" because reporters wanted to know if he liked playing guys who dress in green or have green costumes or faces or stuff. Mr. Carrey's preference for green is why I have put a lot of green into the FAQ, cuz, you know, it's his favorite color.

As for food, well we have only a few clues to go on, but we think that Mr. Carrey is something of a 'plain eater.' He likes grilled cheese sandwiches dipped in ketchup and he likes Mexican food. Beyond that, we don't know cuz none of us have ever had him over for dinner. However, being Canadian and all, we think he would be an easy person to make dinner for, so if he feels like dropping by, we'll let him in.

Happy now?

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