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Frequently Asked Questions
The Riddler
Question: Money, money, blah, blah.   Is it true that Carrey is now making more money than any one else in movies? How come? Is he worth it?

A: Apparently there is nothing sexier than talking about other people's money. (Why do you care anyway? Are you related to the gent?) Jim Carrey has made extremely profitable movies for New Line Cinema and Warner Bros.and now Universal. Apparently other Hollywood studios think that he is worth the big bucks and that the investment in his talents will pan out. (I seriously doubt they are giving Carrey the big bucks simply because they think he's a nice guy.) Let's take a look at the bottom line for a minute, shall we. (All figures are in US millions.)

Jim Carrey Movie Grosses

Movie Domestic Gross Foreign GrossBudget  Opening Weekend
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective $72M $35M $15M  $12.1M
The Mask $120M $231M $23M $23.1M
Dumb and Dumber $120M $119M $17M  $16.3M
Batman Forever $184M $153M $100M  $52.7M
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls $108M $104M $30M  $37.8M
The Cable Guy $60M $43M $47M  $19.8M
Liar Liar $181 $121M -  $31.4M

Source: Box Office Mojo

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