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High Strung
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What's it about

DON'T GET MAD... GET REALLY PISSED OFF! Words to live by for the Howard Beale of WAYNE'S WORLD. Thane Furrows (comic/writer Steve Oedekerk). Little things really get to Thane: like the milk left in the cereal bowl when the cereal is gone; like the book that falls behind the couch, just millimeters out of reach; like that certain fly that can't be killed and won't go away. Thane does not discriminate. He hates major annoyances, too - insurance salesmen, game shows, waitresses, telemarketers, neighbors, the boss' wife, his mother. Ferrets seem to be all that Thane doesn't deplore. ("They have a cool attitude!")

High Strung

Thane Furrows writes children's books. His latest, 'Bye Bye Grandma', a pop-up book about "a child's need to comprehend death," has convinced his boss' wife (Denise Crosby) that Thane must go. His best friend (Thomas Wilson) tries to console Thane, but encounters with a door-to-door insurance salesman (Fred Willard), his heavy metal-loving neighbor (Jani Lane), and a seemingly never-ending succession of those aforementioned, little things, intensify Thane's Andy-Rooney-on-speed behavior. Then there are these mysterious messages regarding "eight o'clock" and the rubber-faced stranger (Mystery Guest) who appears to be sending them...

High Strung

Director Roger Nygard employs a unique visual style to create a sense of urgency and heightened tension while the irreverent cast packs the film with smirks, chuckles and outright belly laughs. "High Strung" has been called "the comic equivalent of Jimi Hendrix' rendition of the National Anthem: blazing riffs on the ordinary that shoot off into the outrageous."


Production Company Film Brigade
Distributor Summa Video (Video)
Rocket Pictures (Video)
Director Roger Nygard
Writers Robert Kuhn
Steve Oedekerk
Producers Roger Nygard
Rubin M. Mendoza
Executive Producers Vladimir Horunzhy
Sergei Zholobetsky
Co-Producer Cirina Hampton
Composer Vladimir Horunzhy
Cinematographer Alan Oltman
Editor Tom Siiter
Cast List Steve Oedekerk
Thomas F. Wilson
Denise Crosby
Fred Willard
Jani Lane
Kirsten Dunst
Ed Williams
Ivy Austin
Paul Ryan
Mark Eugene Roberts
Toni Sawyer
Jim Carrey
.....   Thane Furrows
.....   Al Dalby
.....   Melanie
.....   Insurance Salesman
.....   Vol
.....   Young Girl
.....   Boss
.....   Contestant
.....   Game Show Host
.....   Limo Driver
.....   Mother
.....   Death (uncredited)

Movie Quotes

Thane Furrows: I'd rather be DEAD!

Thane Furrows: There's a guy on the phone, OK, no problem, there's a guy on the phone.

Thane Furrows: I hate salesmen. I always have hated salesmen, I always will hate salesmen. They are the ultimate slime of the Earth. I hate being around them. I'd rather brush my teeth and drink orange juice.


The story of a guy with a few too many hang-ups.

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