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Virginia Madsen interview
21 Jan 2007    

By Nicola West (Editor/Writer (UK))

Slowly but surely we are starting to see tid-bits of "The Number 23" information filter through and the latest comes courtesy of Virginia Madsen.
In an interview with Glen Whipp at the DailyBulletin.com Virginia discusses her character in the upcoming flick and surprised herself at the evil she portrayed.

"This woman is hateful and uses sexuality as a weapon. She really hates men. She's only with her husband to be sexually satisfied. When she's done with him, she throws him out. It was hard to figure out how to play that woman. I don't know if I pulled it off.
"The only other time I've been this uncomfortable in a role was when I made "The Hot Spot" (1990).

The Number 23
Christine Loss/New Line Cinema

She also confessess to a new interest in the '23' phenomena engaging her son in the fun.

"We counted out all this change he was saving in a jar and it was $23," Madsen says. "He was running around the house, shaking the jar, saying, '23! 23! 23!'"

Clearly we are in for a few surprises folks... let the junket begin!

-- Source: DailyBulletin.com. With thanks to shelby. Click to comment this article.

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