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Horton Shows a Trailer
14 Dec 2007    

By Ryan Al-Hakim (Web correspondent)

As promised earlier in the week the new "Horton Hears a Who" trailer is now available and as Iím sure youíll agree is excellent all round.
The new featurette shows all the main characters interacting between one another and we get to see lots of great looking and very entertaining scenes.

As soon as the trailer starts we are immediately immersed into the world of Horton, played by Jim Carrey as he finds what he thinks is a whole community living on a small speck of dust. The trailer continues showing Hortonís desperate attempts to safeguard the dust at all costs despite the scepticism of his friends and the other animals in the jungle. This leads to many funny moments including Horton running for his life over a bridge which he aptly calls ďA straight plummet to certain deathĒ.

Horton Hears a Who
© 20th Century Fox

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Who-ville played by Steve Carell contemplates with the possibility that he may be not alone as he receives regular visitations from a mysterious voice in the sky, Horton.

The trailer really showcases the talents of all the main characters shown below and we get to see Jim putting on a range of different voices and movements which we know and love him for.

Jim Carrey     Horton (voice)
Steve Carell     The Mayor of Who-ville (voice)
Carol Burnett     Sourpuss Kangaroo (voice)
Amy Poehler     Mayor's Wife (voice)
Jesse McCartney     JoJo (voice)
Seth Rogen     Archie (voice)
Dane Cook     Johnny Smooth (voice)
Jonah Hill     Cheek the rat (voice)
Isla Fisher     Daisy (voice)
Jaime Pressly     Brenda (voice)
Will Arnett     Dylan the armadillo (voice)

To watch the new trailer just visit the link below, you can view it in a large array of formats including full HD.

Horton Hears a Who - Trailer

-- Source: Apple. With thanks to Grinchy Steve. Click to comment this article.

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