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JCO Book Review: "Andy Kaufman Revealed!"
02 Sep 1999    

By BCDavis ()

By Bob Zmuda with Matthew Scott Hansen

Andy Kaufman Revealed!Warning! This book contains explicit language and sexual subject matter that would not be suitable for younger readers.

Bob Zmuda presents us with his life and work with the song-and-dance man Andy Kaufman.

Starting with the end of Andy's life on earth, Zmuda then pulls us into his world, taking us back to his formulative years before he had joined Kaufman. Soon we go to one fateful night at the Improv in New York where the two first meet.

Zmuda goes on to delve into Kaufman's love of wrestling, the creation and implementation of various setups to "Kaufmanize" John and Jane Q. Public, the untimely death of Andy, and touches on the goings-on since then.

Then again, there are times when the reader can't distinguish the smoke-and-mirrors. And that makes the book all that much more an enjoyable read. What parts do we really play?

Of note is that Jim Carrey, who plays Andy Kaufman in the biographical film of Kaufman's life, "Man on the Moon" pens an end note to the tome.

"Andy Kaufman Revealed!" is a book masterfully written by Bob Zmuda, who takes the reader on an entertaining and fascinating journey inside the genius that is Andy Kaufman. Zmuda's storytelling is a must-read for the Kaufman-curious, and especially for Kaufman fans.

And as Jim Carrey writes, "Enjoy your meal."

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