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Big "A Christmas Carol" train tour
08 May 2009    

By TNPihl (JCO Editor-In-Chief)

USA Today has published an extensive report on a train tour that will go cross country for "Disney's A Christmas Carol, starting on May 22nd in Los Angeles and ending in New York on November 1st just before the movie opens in conventional and IMAX theaters on November 6th. Click here to find out when the the train is near you.

A Christmas Carol

Here's what visitors will find inside the trains's four cars:

- A digital gallery of the film's characters and their design evolution; each portrait will digitally change and show how they were created.

- Artifacts from the Charles Dickens Museum in London, including a first edition of the original novel and some of the author's personal writing paraphernalia.

- A display of performance-capture technology, in which the real actors' movements and expressions are recorded and digitized, then used for animated renderings.

- Interactive games, including a face-morphing photo booth that will blend the visitor's visage with Scrooge's.

The fantasy will extend beyond the train cars, with the holiday spirit re-created with decorations, local carolers and even artificial snow. And in the parking lot: a portable theater to show early footage.

-- Source: USA Today. Click to comment this article

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