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Carrey and Stipe duet on "Moon" soundtrack
08 Oct 1999    

Jim Carrey will join R.E.M.'s lead singer, Michael Stipe, in "This Friendly World," one of "Man on the Moon"'s soundtrack songs.

Besides the duet with Stipe, Jim Carrey also performs "One Last Song For You," a version of Gloria Gaynor's 1978 disco anthem "I Will Survive," as Kaufman's obnoxious alter ego, lounge singer Tony Clifton, and a skit from the film "Rosemarie."

In an interview to SonicNet, Stipe said, regarding his contribution to the score, that "because most of the stuff we did was instrumental, the onus was really on [bassist] Mike [Mills] and [guitarist] Peter [Buck] instead of me for once. I'm more like an ancillary conductor sitting on the sideline, saying stuff like, 'That's too jolly, let's do more of a Keystone Kops thing here.' That's the kind of direction I give."

As for Peter Buck, writing a movie score "it's just a matter of re-thinking your priorities, we're real persnickety and it's ... so mathematical. I didn't realize we would be getting all these cues that we have to hit second by second to synch up with the action."

The album, produced by Pat McCarthy, will contain a total of 15 tracks and will be available in stores on November, 23.

Here's the complete set list:

  1. "Mighty Mouse Theme"
  2. "The Great Beyond" (by R.E.M.)
  3. "Kiss You All Over" (by Exile)
  4. "Angela (Taxi Theme)"
  5. "Tony Thrown Out" (orchestral, by R.E.M.)
  6. "Man on the Moon (Original)" (by R.E.M.)
  7. "This Friendly World" (by Jim Carrey and Michael Stipe)
  8. "Miracle" (orchestral, by R.E.M)
  9. "Lynne & Andy" (orchestral, by R.E.M.)
  10. "Rosemarie" (skit, by Jim Carrey)
  11. "Andy Gets Fired" (orchestral, by R.E.M.)
  12. "I Will Survive" (by Jim Carrey)
  13. "Milk & Cookies" (orchestral, by R.E.M.)
  14. "Man on the Moon" (orchestral, by R.E.M.)
  15. "One Last Song For You" (by Jim Carrey)

-- Based on an article by Gil Kaufman for SonicNet.

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