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"Under the Sea 3D" hits $40 million
14 Jul 2011    

By Tommy Pihl (JCO Editor-In-Chief)

Jim Carrey's documentary "Under the Sea 3D" continues its box office climb, surpassing $40 million in total gross box office receipts since it premiered more than two years ago (February 13, 2009). After 125 weeks in release, "Under the Sea 3D" is still playing in more than 20 IMAX theatres worldwide and continues to draw audiences in both domestic and international markets, demonstrating the strong legs that original IMAX 3D productions have become famous for throughout the exhibition industry.

The movie is narrated by Jim Carrey and shot by the award-winning filmmaking team, which includes Howard Hall, Toni Myers, Graeme Ferguson and Michele Hall.

Under the Sea 3D

The filmmaking team has captured some of the most extraordinary marine life ever shot on film, including the Stonefish - the world's most venomous fish - and a new species of shark yet to be described by science. Audiences will also be treated to an up-close look at South Australia's exquisite Leafy Sea Dragon and the endangered puppy-like Sea Lion - animals that can be found nowhere else on Earth.

Filmed with the IMAX 3D camera, the highest resolution motion picture camera ever created, "Under the Sea 3D" will immerse audiences in this amazing underwater world as never before - bringing them face-to-face with these magical creatures.

Produced by IMAX Corporation, Warner Bros. Pictures and Howard Hall Productions. Distributed by IMAX Corporation.

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