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Memorable Moment: Charlie Rose interview
28 Jul 2012    

By Amanda Gillott (Web correspondent)

Jim Carrey An Hour of Conversation with Charlie Rose whilst promoting his film "The Majestic". Fans of Jim Carrey love these in-depth interviews with Jim because we get to learn so much more about his Life, Beliefs, Thoughts and Career - Not to be missed a wonderful interview!

The interview opens with some magical and funny clips from Jim Carrey's films including: Once Bitten, Ace Ventura, Batman Forever, Dumb and Dumber, The Cable Guy and Man on the Moon, with Charlie quite rightly describing it as an extraordinary career.

Charlie begins with asking Jim about his new film "The Majestic" where Jim describes it as a revealing of another side of him, as most of the time he just wants to climb the curtains like a little kitty whenever there is a camera around and we have all witnessed this from his brilliant comedic roles but in this role he described having to trust the story to tell itself. At times he questioned himself in the role and even went to Frank Darabont, the Director and said "Nothing is happening", and Frank tells him "There is so much happening you aren't even aware of". Of course we all saw what Frank meant by watching his captivating and moving performance in this film, it being described as 'the unknown masterpiece of Jim Carrey's collection'.

Jim Carrey

Jim also describes how when he took a similar role in "The Truman Show," he had to deal with people telling him, "well you're not allowed to do that", because he had presented himself one way and how tough it is to convince people that there is something more to him as an actor. Jim has magnificent self awareness and tells Charles that he's believed all along that people see a spark, it's who you are as a person, your soul. This is so true we as fans love him so therefore love everything about any character he wishes to portray to us.

In the first quarter of the interview Jim talks about not being comfortable with the safe road both in life and in acting and that every thing is worth losing and taking risks for and if this new side to him is not as popular, he will find ways to expand himself and captivate us even more. Jim goes on to tell us about surpassing his desires within show business and what now makes him happy and how experiences in his childhood made him the 'Jim Carrey' we know and love.

Jim also describes the latest role in "The Majestic" as being in the vain of "Cappa" and Jimmy Stewart and tells us an amazing story about meeting Jimmy Stewart and you can see that experience has made an impact on Jim as to how gracious he is with his fans, people he works with and just about anyone he meets. Jim also talks about reading Ralph Waldo Emerson (Wiki Bio) and learning a lot from his brilliant pieces.

We then have a beautiful clip from "The Majestic" and after Jim describing in depth the character of Peter Appleton and how he can recognise some of the traits in him, especially knowing what it's like to put a yearning and a desire in the fore front of your life so that everything around you suffers.

Half way through the interview Jim describes how much his self esteem makes him unafraid about whatever else is going on around him "That there is plenty to go around for everyone" in movies. He also describes himself as being shy and showing people the true authentic person and the risks you take doing that, especially the fear of rejection. Jim also talks about the dark side of show biz and what he saw as a younger guy both at the Comedy Club and being around his Father's Jazz Band and how that wasn't for him because he would never be able to own any of the work he had done.

Jim Carrey

We then have another wonderful clip from "The Majestic" where Jim's character, Peter, in the guise of Luke meets Adele played by the beautiful Laurie Holden.

Jim then goes on to talk about his fascination with Howard Hughes and at what point in Howard Hughes life went too far and wanting to know what that pivotal moment was because there is that moment in this film that changes Peter's destiny. Jim talks about Howard Hughes self loathing and it being a powerful thing and how wary he is of that, as we all are but Jim always has the guts to voice it.

The last part of the interview Charlie talks to Jim about his previous films especially the 1994 period of "Dumb and Dumber" and "Ace Ventura" grossing millions and millions of dollars. Jim describes that there is a crucial moment in life when an actor gets a shot and how he wasn't aware when working on "Ace" that this was going to be his shot and the lovely moment when it dawned on him this was it.

Charlie then goes on to ask Jim about being Hollywood's 20 million dollar guy and Jim tells us in his brilliant witty way how other A list actors dealt with that. Jim tells us although The Cable Guy wasn't a hit with everyone how much he loved doing that film and how he loves silly, needy characters who think they are in control, when they quite clearly aren't.

We have a fascinating story at this point in the interview where we are told that Peter Weir hired Jim for "The Truman Show" just from seeing him in a poster for "Ace Ventura" and what brilliant vision he had, as Jim was then one of the most famous people on the planet playing Truman depicted in the film as the most famous person on the planet as well. We then have a stunning clip form "The Truman Show", Jim portraying to us in this scene the vunerabilty and sweetness of Truman Burbank.

This segment about Jim's films finish with him talking about "Man on The Moon" and Andy Kaufman and what defined a person like that. Jim also tells us a story about a conversation he had with Andy Kaufman's Sister standing beside Andy's grave side which then leads into a brilliant clip from the film.

Charlie then reminds us that Jim won a Golden Globe for both "The Truman Show" and "Man on the Moon" and asked Jim what winning an Oscar would mean to him. Jim said it would be a wonderful thing to happen but awards don't define him as a person as ha has been given so much.

Jim Carrey finish the interview by describing what elements came together to bring him where he is today, he tells us it's about grasping the opportunities and having the courage to jump in, how he always likes to change and if we have him figured out... "Boy look out I'll become something completely different".

Watch the interview here:

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