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Memorable Moment: Conan O'Brien 2007
08 Apr 2013    

By Amanda Gillott (Web correspondent)

Jim Carrey was promoting the film "The Number 23" on Late Night with Conan O'Brien back in February 2007.

Of course Jim comes out for the interview rocking it out with his sexy long hair, we fans know Jim Carrey loves a bit of rock music. Conan O'Brien starts with the subject of the 'hair' and how great he looks and then Jim goes into a brilliant rendition of the song 'Hair', (he does have a fantastic singing voice) with a bemused Conan as an awkward side-kick.

Jim Carrey and Conan O'Brien

There is a tradition with Jim and Conan on the show where he always asks Jim what he's currently reading, this time around he claims it's Quantum Physics and so we get a three-way between Jim, Conan and Max Weinberg (from the band) on who can out do each other in the smarts department with lots of irony chucked in and an obvious auto cue assist for Jim.

Jim then quite rightly reminds us all we pick on a weaker person to ridicule to make us feel better. Of course Conan denies he does which leads to a great set up by Jim of clips of Conan doing exactly the same as people over and over again. Jim also sets Conan up with a sports related story showing how brilliant these two are together.

The end of the interview concentrates on Jim Carrey's excellent dark film "The Number 23" and how important and powerful the enigma of the number 23 is in his life and always has been. Leading into a brilliant dramatic clip from the film and a really funny act from Jim that has Conan saying, "That is the most cheesiest way to promote a film I have ever seen". Of course Jim knows it is, he hates the conventional way to do it.

Watch the interview here:

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