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Memorable Moment: Access Hollywood (1997)
02 Jun 2015    

Amanda Jayne (Web correspondent)

A treat for Jim Carrey's female Fan Base, Jim was filming "The Truman Show" whilst promoting "Liar Liar" and so he has that whole 1950's retro look going on with the Rockabilly hair style.

Obviously the Press Junket's for this film were always going to be cliché and this interview doesn't fail, making Jim visibly squirm when presented with a Bible to swear on, he deals with it well, being a genius at comic diversion.

Still in the 'Lying' vain of questioning, Jim answers Larry Mendte: 'Access Hollywood' and "The Biggest Lie You Have Been Told" beautifully, he is so skilled in this type of interview. At this point Jim starts to sweat, a lot, yes the room is hot but it is well documented Jim doesn't like to be probed on certain questions, so may be this added to his discomfort a little.

A really funny bit of the video comes next when Jim sarcastically answers the question, "Does having a child make it easier to be a Father in the Movie" and also the sweating becomes hilarious at this point.

Jim then talks a little about his father, his face always lights up when speaking about his beloved father, Percy and how he always uses him as a reference in his work. Jim's father always made faces to cover up any feelings of confrontation or awkwardness, something we see Jim do a lot in interviews.

Larry then asks Jim about working with Maura Tierney, (who was also in ER) and Jim refers to how many similarities they had experienced in real life, which then leaves Jim open to be questioned about his first wife. Oh No!!!! Jim won't go down that road and it is so funny how he avoids/deals with the question.

Near the end of the video is a lovely quote from Brian Gazer (The producer of "Liar Liar" amongst a horde of other things) about Jim being..." One of the few guys who is worth every penny because you will always get it back" and finishes with Jim discussing how he could probably take a 'Toilet Roll' to the 'Studio Heads' and they would run with it.

A fabulous Video, Jim is as funny as ever, looks gorgeous in the Retro stuff and brilliantly handles those awkward moments.

Watch the interview here:

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