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Jim Carrey At The Golden Globes
11 Jan 2016    

By Eva Ara˙jo (Web correspondent)

This year has already started in a good note, with Jim carrey being a presenter at the 73rd Anual Golden Globes Awards.

Jim was very elegant in a black tuxedo with a black bow tie and white shirt. He was also wearing the same hairstyle we have seen in the stills for the movie "True Crimes" - short hair and long beard.

Jim Carrey     Jim Carrey

As usual, Jim Carrey started his presentation with humor. He was introduced as the two time Golden Globes winner and he joked about that:

"Thank you. I am two time Golden Globe winner Jim Carrey. You know, when I go to sleep at night I'm not just a guy going to sleep. I am two time Golden Globe winner Jim Carrey going to get some well needed shut eye. And when I dream I don't just dream any old dream. No sir. I dream about being three time Golden Globe winning actor Jim Carrey because then I would be enough. It would finally be true and I could stop this terrible search... for what I know ultimately won't fulfill me.

But these are important these awards - I don't want you think that just because if you blew up our solar system alone you wouldn't be able to find us or any of human history with a naked eye but from our perpective... this is huge!"

All the crowd laughed and applaud him. Jim then introduced the nominees for 'Best Motion Picture in the Musical and Comedy' category.

Then he open the envelop and once again made the crowd laugh as he reacted to finding out the name of the winner:

"Wow. You know once I say this, it can't be unsaid. You can't not know who the winner is after I say it."

That's when everyone found out the winner was Matt Damon and Ridley Scott's movie "The Martian".

It was wonderful to see him in his high spirits and we can't wait for all his movies premiering this year.

We will keep you posted as more news come.

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