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True Crimes Reviews
14 Oct 2016    

By Eva Araújo (Web correspondent)

Last Wednesday, the movie "True Crimes" premiered at the Warsaw Festival in Poland as a special screening. Not many reviews have come up but of the ones who have, they have been, unfortunately, a bit negative, since they did expected the movie to be more like the article it was based one, fill with details.

Of the two reviews we have found (so far), critics have considered "Spicy real-life ingredients and a terrific international cast are frustratingly wasted" in Alexandros Avranas movie.

"True Crimes is narratively on par with the recent True Story (2015) from director Rupert Goold, also adapted from a journalist's expose of a criminal account with enough compelling details to warrant repeating-but neither manages to convey the human significance or our morbid attraction to such material in their subsequent film versions."

Jim Carrey

About Jim Carrey's role in the movie the reviews have been mixed:

"(…)essaying the most serious role of his mercurial career - Jim makes a reasonable stab at playing an obsessive Polish cop tackling that one inevitable last case before retirement."

"Avranas attempts to make use of casting Jim Carrey against type by allowing nearly all of the morbid comic relief to be generated by a lewd and lascivious Marton Csokas, here in prime over-the-top form as a bitchy, pretentious pulp author who churns out perverse novels which would be loosely defined as torture porn. Unfortunately, Carrey is more of a distraction, especially as we constantly expect him to break his dour, morose expression at every turn for a visual gag or punchline. Instead, he is presented here in dogged, monotonous close-ups, frequently juxtaposed with the sneering Csokas, meant to highlight their opposing personas as mere flip sides of the same coin. Their terse exchanges are impossible to take seriously, as are their shared, aggressive correspondences with Charlotte Gainsbourg's worn looking Kasia, a drug addicted sexual abuse victim who seems to be playing both sides against the middle."

We're hoping that more reviews will come and we'll wait for our chance to see it to give our own opinion.

We at JCO will keep you updated as more news come.

-- Sources: Ioncinema.com and The Hollywood Reporter. Click to comment this article.

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