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Watch Full Jim Carrey Interview - Jimmy Kimmel Live!
08 Sep 2018    

By Eva Araújo (Web correspondent)

Jim Carrey, always surprises in an interview. That's a fact. The premiere of "Kidding" is just 1 day away and Jim has been promoting the Showtime series on several talk shows.

Thursday, Jim was at the talk show 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' and as usual, he surprised and entertained.

Right from the start Jim walked into the stage with a bam… or better yet, in a dock less e-scooter.

Jim is seen riding an e-scooter through the streets wearing a red top to bottom suit and while on the scooter he tries to clip his toenails, paints, goes through a giant donut and barges in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, before entering the show set.

He riding around the set for a while and asks an audience member if she wants to try the scooter. She says yes and as she rides through the street she gets ran over by a bus. That's what it takes to horrify Jim who expresses in his face the surprise making the audience laugh.

Jim takes of the red suit, to reveal a black shirt and black pants with golden lips printed on all the fabric.

"They're my jammies. Finally after all these years of doing these shows late at night, taping these shows, I finally figured I can just dress for bed!"

Jimmy mention he's loving the drawings that Jim has posted online and proceeds to show some.

After that Jim stars playing with his hair, stricking some poses that make the audience laugh. Jim mention that his school teacher confiscated some drawings he did when he was a kid but that she gave them back. He then tells at Kimmel face the she "knew what was going to happen in the work!"

After the break Jim is wearing the helmet he wore when he was riding the scooter and makes a joke that he prefers his angel with the helmet on.

They talked about "Kidding" and working again with Michel Gondry, something that event Kimmel has done too since he director and episode of his show too.

Both end up playing with each other about Jim being alone and the apparent marks Kimmel has on his desk to make sure he doesn't hold anything off camera.

What a wonderful interview! We want to see more of them.

We at JCO will keep you updated as more news come.

-- Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live! Click to comment this article.

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