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Jim Carrey Golden Globes Moment
07 Jan 2019    

By Eva Ara˙jo (Web correspondent)

Okay, we were a bit sad that neither Jim Carrey or the show "Kidding" won any Golden Globe, last night. But you don't really need a Golden Globe statue to steal the show and Jim proved it.

Hosts, Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh decided to boot Jim off the movie section of the audience since he was nominated for a TV show:

Sandra Oh: "I am seeing Jim Carrey sitting up front tonight in the movie section even though he's nominated for a TV show."

Andy: "That's not going to work, I am so sorry, Jim but we are going to have to ask you to vacate the movie section and go sit with the TV folk."

Jim replied: "You're kidding right?"

Andy: "It's awkward because you're our hero but we do have to ask you to move."

Jim reminded them that he has a movie coming up in November (Sonic the Hedgehog) but still they insisted he should then come back next year.

Jim Carrey: "I'm going, should I take my dinner too? I wouldn't want to leave any of my DNA in the film section."

Both Andy and Sandra tried to apologize but Jim pretended he couldn't hear them: "I'm sorry, I can't hear you. I see your lips moving but there's a delay, it takes a long time for the sound to get this far."

He then jokingly pulled two glasses to his eyes, pretending that he was using them to see the hosts from the distance.

Many people who saw it live, loved it and so did we! Best moment ever!

Check out the video here:

We at JCO will keep you updated as more news come.

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