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Sonic The Hedgehog Statement About Jim Carrey
06 Aug 2019    

By Eva Araújo (Web correspondent)

In a recent interview about "Sonic the Hedgehog", Jim Carrey was asked about what were his thoughts on the redesign of the character and he said "he was uncomfortable about "the audience being in on the creation" of a feature while it was still in production. He also claimed that the "collective consciousness" results in people wanting things without caring about why they should and just "[jumping] on the bandwagon," and that it's a dangerous precedent to allow decision-making to be swayed by audience opinion resulting from "a sense of ownership from their childhood.""

Adi Shankar is a Film and TV producer who is well versed in the stakes involved when adapting material beloved by legions of fans. He has produced 2012 Dreddmovie and Netflix's acclaimed Castlevania series. He is also the creator of the Bootleg Universe, a series of unconnected short fan films featuring subversive reimaginings of popular properties such as Power Rangers, James Bond, The Powerpuff Girls and Venom.

Yesterday he issued a statement addressing Jim Carrey:

Dear Jim,

The audience isn’t “in on the creation” of the film you acted in. Sonic the Hedgehog was already created, decades ago. This film you lended your talents to adapted him incorrectly. It’s this perspective that Hollywood is entitled to dismantle iconography as it sees fit and reassemble it in ways that often bear little resemblance to the source that has led to the friction between gamers and the film industry.



No matter what happen with the character of Sonic, we are still excited to see the movie.

We at JCO will keep you updated as more news come.

-- Source: Screen Rant. Click to comment this article.

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