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13 Feb 2020    

By Eva Araújo (Web correspondent)

Want to see an explosive combination of fun? Then you need to see Conan and Jim Carrey together.

Jim Carrey was at the Conan show Tuesday to promote "Sonic the Hedgehog". He was wearing all black but using a very especial t-shirt with a photo of Ace Ventura that looks like a bird. They talked about many things and even though we don't have a video with the full interview there's 4 clips of it that we will share with you.

Jim was wearing all black but using a very especial t-shirt with a photo of Ace Ventura that looks like a bird. The first one comes directly from the Team Coco website. Conan mention that Jim is in amazing shape and Jim says he only want to age gracefully and jokes about. He also jokes, using the word crack to do a play on words. At the end he reveals goes on biking.

Check out the video:

On the second video Conan talks about Jim Carrey's art and even shows some of it for Jim to comment. But the best part is when Conan asks Jim to do a cartoon drawing live at that moment. Jim not only accepts the challenge but proposes more: "I want to do a little sketch of you Conan but I think it's only fair if you actually attempt to do a sketch of me as well and then you'll see this energy that I've been bitten by it's amazing."

While they are sketching each other Jim tell Conan how he used to entertain the guest at his house when he was a little kid but throwing himself down the stairs and the doing the replay of the same thing and that at the end his "father would come in with his patented line which he loved to say": "Yep! He's not just a ham, he's the whole pig!" After telling the crowd how his father Percy met Roger Dangerfield and how funny he was, they show each other sketches… and we gotta say: They look good!

Check out the video:

In the third video Jim talks about his Ace Ventura shirt, which was a gift from his stylist and also about having lunch with Anthony Hopkins and find out that both used animals as inspirations to play both Ace Ventura and Hannibal Lecter. And in the last video we see a clip of the movie Sonic - The Hedgehog, where Dr. Robotnik dances around is lair. Jim confesses he used Dick Van Dyke and how that scene was a tribute to him.

Check them here:

Wow! Such a good interview! We at JCO will keep you updated as more news come.

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