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More on the casting call at Ferndale
20 Feb 2001    

According to an article from The Ferndale Enterprise (Feb. 8), and sent in by Web Correspondent Wesley Hofmann, response to the extras casting call was even bigger than previously reported. As Location Manager Rory Enke stated to the newspaper, by Monday the number of applicants was 2,000 and "still counting."

Regarding when applicants will know if they made it or not, Enke said that only closer to the actual shoot the results will be known. "When wardrobe comes to town, which is going to be a while, they'll get a call to be fitted. Right now it's a matter of filing all the applications and getting them to the casting person, who'll be looking at the pictures to see what is needed."

But a more unexpected participation in the movie may come from Ferndale's WWII veterans. As the newspaper reports, Meredith McCarthy, the assistant set decorator, is currently trying to obtain permission to use the veterans' WWII portraits in an "important" scene involving a display of the fictional town's war heroes in the drug store window. Enke explained the motive: "When we walked into their Veteran's Hall, from the the very first day, and we saw all those photos hanging on the wall... That's what this story is all about."

"The Majestic" continues to be slated for a March 5 production start at the Victorian Village of Ferndale.

-- With a "Majestic" Spank You to Wesley for the transcript. Click to comment this article.

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