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Jim-sighting in Ferndale
10 Apr 2001    

Jenn & Tina, although not having met Jim Carrey personally (yet) have been fortunate enough to watch him film. Here's their story:

«Jim Carrey is filming Majestic in our town and me and my sis Tina go everyday to watch the rehearsals and filming. We are long time fans and and never miss a day. We haven't got to meet him yet but this week he is supposed to be doing autographs. We know he sees us though 'cause we flip out every time and scream...he waves occasionally. We have been 5 feet from him too. He is hilarious also...when he messes up on a line he says funny things and between scenes he acts just like he is perceived to be...a real joker...He is also really good looking in person as in movies.»

-- With a big Spank You to Jenn & Tina for the "sighting". Click to comment this article.

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