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And yet more cast additions
28 Apr 2001    

Ferndale Resident sent in some corrections to our "Majestic" production notes, and a truck load of cast additions.

«Carl Leffert is NOT Mabel's husband, as it says in your Production Notes. Carl was a childhood friend of Luke. Mabel's husband was killed in WWII.»

Although, as we know, "The Majestic" isn't exactly a VFX-filled movie, some CGI work will be required. As it was reported earlier, bringing the Chinese Theater to its fifties look will be one of the details that'll require some movie magic, and here's another:

«Karl Bury, the actor playing Bob Leffert, is NOT missing a hand, so special effects are being employed to achieve that illusion. In some scenes he simply hides his hand behind his body or other objects. He also has a couple of hook prosthetics that he fits over his hand for some angles. And he also has a green-screen sock that he fits over his hand/forearm for close-ups. For those shots, his hand/forearm will be erased and a CGI hook will be added in post-production.»

Ferndale Resident also sent in several more additions to the cast:

«Doc Stanton's first name is Benjamin. Chelcie Ross' character is Avery, and he owns the hardware store. Avery's son Spencer is played by Matt Wiens. Spencer is a young man in a local band who idolized Luke Trimble as a boy. Frank Collison's character is simply called "Congressional Investigator" in the script, with no name.

Other cast members:
Daniel Von Bargen as FBI Agent Ellerby
Shawn Doyle as FBI Agent Saunders
Csilla Horvath as Muriel
April Ortiz as Vera
Bob Wells as the Reverend
Robert Thorne as FBI Agent
Gary Sommers as FBI Agent
Maudie Purcell as Old Lady»

-- With a Majestic Spanks to Ferndale Resident for all the info. Click to comment this article.

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