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Official press release by UIP
30 Sep 1998    

Press Release from United International Pictures (UIP)


Truman Burbank has the feeling that he's being watched. He doesn't know how right he is. Every second of every day, from the moment he was born, for the last thirty years, Truman Burbank has been the unwitting star of the longest running, most popular documentary-soap opera in history. The picture perfect town of Seahaven that he calls home is actually a gigantic soundstage. Truman's friends and family - everyone he meets, in fact - are actors. He lives every moment under the unblinking gaze of thousands of hidden TV cameras.

Coming to a computer screen near you LIVE from London on October 7th United International Pictures brings you THE TRUMAN SHOW GALA CHARITY PREMIERE

Join us for this special occasion as we take you LIVE to Leicester Square, London. Watch as the galaxy of stars enter the Empire Cinema.

Then observe as the party, LIVE from the Sound Exchange in Leicester Square gets underway.

Welcome to "The Truman Show".
The whole world is watching.

Multiple webcams, Live chat forum - you never know who might pop in!, Competitions and much more!
Including something unique and unusual to the web!

Don't miss this thrilling episode of The Truman Show LIVE October 7th


Don't want to watch?, why not be an extra in the episode!?

Tickets to the Exclusive premiere screening and post premiere party can be purchased now!!

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