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"Irene" in Newport. More details on the movie's end scene
16 May 1999    

"Me, Myself and Irene" continued filming in Newport last Friday at and around Brenton State Park. Several "driving scenes" were shot including one where Jim Carrey's character is assigned to take Irene back to New York on his police motorcycle. The park was closed due to the shoot and re-opened to the public on Saturday.

Other scenes filmed on Friday show Charlie (Jim Carrey) and his first wife (Traylor Howard) falling in love and sitting by the ocean. Production stopped for the weekend and will re-start Monday, 17 on an island. According to reports sent to The Providence Journal by Narragansett residents, filming will probably take place in Great Island, off Galilee.

On another news bit appeared on The Addison County Independent, it was confirmed that the movie's final scenes will indeed be shot at Middlebury's Otter Creek falls. The footbridge over the creek is going to be altered into a closed railroad trestle, and a crew is expected to arrive in town next month to begin the transformation works. The bridge will be closed for approximately eighteen days, although actual shooting will only occur during three. The expected dates range from June 11 to July 3.

A sketch supplied by the movie company to the town shows a platform atop the bridge, to which will be added cable supports and cable. The bridge will also be equipped with concrete-like ramps at both ends, with a "Do Not Enter" door, surrounded by barbed wire, at one end of the bridge. A large utility pipe is also depicted, running along the length of the bridge. According to the newspaper, Fox is also seeking permission to temporarily remove some of the footbridge planks.

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