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Reports from the Jamestown "Irene" set
20 May 1999    

Here's a couple of very cool reports sent in by two of our visitors who attended the Jamestown filming:

Report sent in by Anonymous -- "I was at the filming of his new movie, 'Me Myself and Irene,' and I got his autograph and got to shake his hand, but what I thought was really sweet was my friend was a REALLY big Jim Carrey fan and for the two days he was there, she didn't get to see him. The last day he was here, she was at the front of the yellow police line (because he was filming a scene) he came over to sign autographs and she got her poster signed. He said to her, I really like that poster and then she started crying. Jim wiped away her tears and then gave her a big hug. I'm sure she will never forget that day!!"

Report sent in by Wendy Chauvette -- "Hi, well our brief encounter was last thursday on the set of the new movie 'Me, Myself and Irene' my son who is a big Jim fan was desperate to meet him. They have been shooting the movie for a while but we went to Jamestown to see what we could find, we got there at 6:30 in the morning, they ended up sneaking him into his trailer so we didn't get a shot and we waited and waited my son made a poster that read 'My mom has to go to my school everyday because I act like you! LOL.'

I was beginning to think maybe this was somewhat offending to him but if you knew my son he has a humor much like Jim's, and I took it as funny, well finally after waiting till 11:30 he was leaving for the 'car crash scene' and my son went up to his truck and Jim gave him one of those huge all teeth grins and was waving like crazy. Well that was one time my son was speachless!! That is going to remain in our minds forever!! P.S. We did end up chatting with Bobby Farrelly and got his autograph which was interesting."

-- With a big Spank You to Anonymous and Wendy for sending us the stories.

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