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Hi I am Amanda and I write memorable moments on some of Jim Carrey's talk show appearances. I first came across Jim Carrey because I was a huge fan of Bridget Jones and they once printed a gorgeous picture in a UK newspaper of Renee shooting in the snow in London and Jim had come to watch her. I thought wow who is that guy and went to rent "Liar Liar". I can honestly say I fell in love with his hair first (if you give great hair I'll think you are fab).

On a serious note I thought he was the finniest guy I had ever seen and went on to watch all the films you guys all loved Jim Carrey for. He went on to amaze me with his acting skills and will watch anything he's in. He's a capricorn which is opposite to my sign a Taurus so I understand his personality and complexities because our signs are similar people, so I will probably be the person on the Forum pulling someone up who makes comments about Jim Carrey without understanding his complexities.

I try to get in the Forum as often as I can, I'm both nice, sweet and crazy at different times and can be a bit rude if i don't like someone (Kate Middleton) xxxx
- Amanda Gillott (12/25/2012)