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Ricky Stanicky
Status: In Development
Release: 2015/2016

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Deep Cover
Status: In Development
Release: 2015/2016
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Dumb & Dumber For
Status: In Development
Release: 2034

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02/24/15  The Majestic Blu-r...
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Latest News

27 Feb 2015
  "Dumb and Dumber Three" is coming

Fans will forever be thankful to the Farrelly Brothers, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels for giving a chance to see the sequel "Dumb and Dumber To". Twenty year later we got to see w...
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26 Feb 2015
  "Ricky Stanicky" Update

In previous articles we mention that Jim Carrey was set to do a movie called "Ricky Stanicky" and that Peter Farrelly set up as the director of the movie. Today we have an update. ...
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24 Feb 2015
  Fake Jim Carrey Fools… Badly

In a world where image sometimes dictated more than it should, people go way further than possible to fit the "patterns of beauty". We all know that celebrities in the vast area...
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