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Sonic 2
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Release: 2022

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07/05/20  CBS Sunday Morning...
07/07/20  Good Morning Ameri...
07/07/20  Memoirs and Misinf...
07/07/20  Memoirs and Misinf...
07/07/20  Memoirs and Misinf...
07/07/20  Memoirs and Misinf...
07/08/20  Q. Guest
07/09/20  Virtual Book Event...
07/16/20  The Tonight Show S...
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Have you seen this video of Trump and Epstein? If Jeffrey Epstein is a serial ch... »

Latest News

09 Jul 2020
  Jim Carrey at the CBC Radio Show q

Tom Power is the host of the "q" radio show, who talk with many artists and yesterday he had a Zoom conversation with Jim Carrey and Dana Vachon about "Memoirs and Misinformation"....
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08 Jul 2020
  Jim Carrey Los Angeles Times Photoshoot

The cool thing about interviews, especially in magazines is that we get to see new photos of our favorite actors. Recently, Jim Carrey was interviewed for the the Los Angeles Times...
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08 Jul 2020
  Good Morning America

It's finally here! Jim Carrey and Dana Vachon book "Memoirs and Misinformation" in NOW available to purchase. You cannot miss your copy! Yesterday, Jim Carrey was live at Good M...
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07 Jul 2020
  "Memoirs & Misinformaion" Chapter 1 Excerpt

Today, Jim Carrey's very much awaited book "Memoirs and Misinformation" will be on shelves do read. We are very anxious to read so if you have the same feeling… you're in luck. ...
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