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Sonic 3
Category: Movie
Status: In Development
Release: December 20, 2024
More info: Coming soon

12/20/24  Sonic the Hedgehog...
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Twitter Jim Carrey's most recent tweet 07/30 03:33 more tweets »
As cute as a button...and with hair like Ace's that little baby is goin' places.... »

Latest News

29 Nov 2023
  Sonic 3 Reveals Exciting First Look at Shadow

We knew it would be a matter of time - as always is - to get more news about the 3rd installment of the movie "Sonic the Hedgehog". The production is now fully running. Jeff Fow...
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23 Nov 2023
  Jim Carrey Won't Play The Grinch Again

In the movie industry, things change all the time. And we should take caution before we assume that anything is certain, until it actually is. Recently, rumors surfaced saying t...
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09 Nov 2023
  The Actors Strike is Over

Finally! We know how much we miss our TV shows, plays and movies but we also understand how important it is to fight for your rights and to get a better future. That being said we ...
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20 Oct 2023
  Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame Dates and Location

In a previous article back in June we mention that Jim Carrey was nominated for the Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame. Now we know it will take place in Hamilton from February 21st t...
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