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Saturday Night Live
Saturday Night Live
October 24th

The Comedy Store
The Comedy Store
October 25th

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Sonic 2
Category: Movie
Status: In Development
Release: April 8, 2022

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10/17/20  Saturday Night Liv...
10/18/20  The Comedy Store. ...
10/24/20  Saturday Night Liv...
10/25/20  The Comedy Store. ...
10/31/20  Saturday Night Liv...
11/01/20  The Comedy Store. ...
11/07/20  Saturday Night Liv...
01/17/21  Happy Birthday Jim...
04/08/22  Sonic the Hedgehog...
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Latest News

25 Oct 2020
  Saturday Night Live Adds Episode on November 7

A few months ago, Saturday Night Live announced that its 46th season will have 5 consecutive shows at the start of the season. Yesterday news surface that a 6th show was added t...
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20 Oct 2020
  SNL Cold Open with Jim Carrey (10/17/20)

The next cold open for October 17th's Saturday Night Live focuses on the dueling town hall specials between President Trump on NBC and Joe Biden on ABC. During this 13-minute sketc...
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17 Oct 2020
  Jim Carrey Suits Up as Joe Biden

Look...here’s the deal! Tonight, Issa Rae will host her first SNL episode! Known for her current hit series Insecure, Issa Rae will tear up 30 Rockefeller Center for this season...
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13 Oct 2020
  SNL Cold Open with Jim Carrey (10/10/20)

In his second stint as presidential candidate Joe Biden, Jim Carrey brings a horror movie twist to the vice-presidential debate. October 10th's cold open on Saturday Night Live ...
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