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- Homey Don\'t Play That! - The Story of In Living Color and the Black Comedy Revolution

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Category: Novel
Status: Finished
Release: 2018
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Dark Crimes
Category: Movie
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I'm Dying Up Here
Category: Series
Status: Filming
Release: May 6, 2018
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Status: In Development
Release: Fall 2018
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03/26/18  The Zen Diaries Of...
03/27/18  The Zen Diaries Of...
05/06/18  I'm Dying Up Here....
05/13/18  I'm Dying Up Here....
05/20/18  I'm Dying Up Here....
05/27/18  I'm Dying Up Here....
06/03/18  I'm Dying Up Here....
06/10/18  I'm Dying Up Here....
06/17/18  I'm Dying Up Here....
06/24/18  I'm Dying Up Here....
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Pro-life?! https://t.co/4o5LKF9fvq »

Latest News

17 Feb 2018

Jim Carrey has always voice his opinion about the current U.S.A. Presidency and his support of a change in the gun law in the country. In his latest tweet he share one single co...
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14 Feb 2018
  "Kidding" New Cast Member - Judy Greer

Another actor has been cast for the TV series "Kidding", starring Jim Carrey as "Jeff (aka Mr. Pickles), an icon of children's TV, a beacon of kindness and wisdom to America's impr...
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07 Feb 2018
  Jim Carrey Vows To Leave Facebook

Social media has taken a big role in our lives for the past years. So much so, that we are not sure if it good or bad, even though there's both advantages and problems that come wi...
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01 Feb 2018
  Justice Wins - Lawsuit dismissed

It's sad to lose someone, no matter what the circumstances. But it's even worse to see people using that to try and gain something from it with no truth or good reason involved. ...
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