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Man On The Moon
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International Release

USA 22 Dec 1999
Australia 17 Feb 2000
Denmark 10 Mar 2000
Mexico 10 Mar 2000
Portugal 10 Mar 2000
France 15 Mar 2000
Spain 17 Mar 2000
Iceland 24 Mar 2000
Italy 24 Mar 2000
Norway 24 Mar 2000
UK 5 May 2000
Belgium 10 May 2000
Germany 11 May 2000
Poland 12 May 2000
Philippines 17 May 2000
Hong Kong 18 May 2000
Netherlands 25 May 2000
Japan 10 June 2000
Peru 28 June 2000
New Zealand 6 july 2000

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Basic Information

Current Status On DVD
US Release December 22, 1999
DVD Release May 30, 2000
Official Sites [US] more »
Genre Drama / Comedy
Running time 118 minutes
Credits Jim Carrey ... Andy Kaufman/Tony Clifton
Gerry Becker ... Stanley Kaufmann more »
Story Line Famous for his role on Taxi and innovative approach to comedy this is a moving and humorous portrayal of a man 'taken too soon'.
more »
Discussion see our forum
Multimedia Trailer, Pictures, Video Clips, Wallpaper

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16 Sep 2021 Jim Carrey Shares Old Video With Norm MacDonald
The hardest thing we will ever have to go through, is the loss of someone we love. Jim Carrey was friend of Norm Macdonald, who's comedy genius made the whole world laugh. To continue to celebrate what he means to us, Jim shared a video on Twitter. Back in 1999, Jim was filming "Man on the Moon",...
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12 Sep 2013 Memorable Moment: Larry King Live 1999
Larry King opens the conversation by reminding us that Jim Carrey made a staggering ten movies in five years and asks Jim why it took him so long to come on the show. "Because he was scred" is the answer, it's a well know fact Jim doesn't like these type of interviews because he is underneath a very...
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12 Nov 2011 Never Before Seen MOTM clip!
Jim Carrey has posted a rare video on his video website TruLife. The video is from his 1999 critically acclaimed movie - "Man on the Moon". This video was captured on the set of the movie in 1998 and has some outtakes of Jim Carrey where he is totally in the character of Andy Kaufman's alter ego ...
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