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Simon Birch
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International Release

USA 09/11 1998
Singapore 21/01 1999
Austria 26/02 1999
Spain 26/03 1999
Iceland 16/04 1999
Finland 23/04 1999
Turkey 23/04 1999
Belgium 28/04 1999
Australia 29/04 1999
Israel 29/04 1999
Argentina 06/05 1999
Denmark 14/05 1999
Portugal 14/05 1999
Sweden 14/05 1999
Netherlands 03/06 1999
Slovakia 03/06 1999
Switzerland (ger) 04/06 1999
Japan 19/06 1999
UK 25/06 1999
Slovenia 22/07 1999

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Basic Information

Current Status On DVD
US Release September 11, 1998
DVD Release May 18, 1999
Official Sites Not available anymore
Genre Comedy / Drama
Running time 113 minutes
Credits Ian Michael Smith ... Simon Birch
Joseph Mazzello ... Joseph "Joe" Wenteworth
Jim Carrey ... Adult "Joe" Wenteworth
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Story Line Simon Birch believes that God made him for a special, heroic purpose. Simon and his best friend Joe Wenteworth are both outcasts in their tiny New England town. Joe is the illegitimate son of the town beauty, and Simon, at age 12, is so small that he still plays the infant Jesus in the church Christmas pageant. In the summer of 1964, friendship is put to the test when Little Leaguer Simon hits a foul ball that strikes and kills Joes mother. Together, they try to find out who Joes father is. Just as they succeed, the time comes for Simon to fulfill the destiny he believes in. A situation arises that demands a hero - a very small hero. more »
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30 Apr 2007 Movie Information - "Simon Birch"
The movie "Simon Birch" which has a cameo appearance by Jim Carrey and his voice as a narrator as a grown-up Joe Wenteworth. This movie has been added to the movie information area of Jim Carrey Online. The movie was released on September 11, 1998. The story is about 2 friends, one is playing a y...
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08 Sep 1998 "Simon Birch" opens Friday
"Simon Birch", the movie inspired by John Irving's "A Prayer For Owen Meany", in which Jim Carrey makes a cameo appearance, opens this Friday, September 11th. When contacted to comment on Carrey's appearance director Mark Johnson had this to say: "I had my heart set on having Jim Carrey as the narra...
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19 Oct 1997 Carrey in "A Small Miracle"
According to The Hollywood Reporter, JIM CARREY will do a cameo appearance in the movie "A Small Miracle". The movie is based on John Irving's novel A PRAYER FOR OWEN MEANY and stars Ashley Judd and Oliver Platt. The story revolves around two young friends whose relationship takes a twist when on...
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