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The Cable Guy
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International Release

USA 14 Jun 1996
Australia 20 Jun 1996
New Zealand 21 Jun 1996
Sweden 28 Jun 1996
Iceland 5 Jul 1996
UK 12 Jul 1996
Portugal 19 Jul 1996
Spain 23 Jul 1996
Denmark 16 Aug 1996
Poland 30 Aug 1996
Italy 5 Sep 1996
Hong Kong 12 Sep 1996
Slovenia 19 Sep 1996
Hungary 26 Sep 1996
Germany 10 Oct 1996
France 13 Nov 1996
Netherlands 14 Nov 1996
Finland 15 Nov 1996
Switzerland 19 Nov 1996

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Basic Information

Current Status On DVD
US Release June 14, 1996
DVD Release September 15, 1997
Official Sites Not available anymore
Genre Comedy
Running time 96 minutes
Credits Jim Carrey ... Chip Douglas (Cable Guy)
Matthew Broderick ... Steven
Leslie Mann ... Robin Harris
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Story Line Steven (Matthew Broderick) has a new apartment, and decides to slip the Cable Guy Chip Douglas (Jim Carrey) $50 for free cable and Chip tries to become Steven's 'best bud'. When Steven no longer wants to be Chips friend Chip goes all out to ruin Steven's life.
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