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The Cable Guy
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What's it about

Reviewed by LOKI

Y'know, I have rarely seen a film garner this much split in opinion as this one has. 40% loved it, 40% hated it, and 20% didn't know what to think. (Those are round about numbers, by the way.) I have to admit, though, that this reviewer falls into the first category. I liked it. True, it took some time to grow on me, but the more I watched it, the more I realized how creepily accurate Jim Carrey's portrayle of a sociopathic stalker was, especially after that abnormal psych class I took. He plays the Boogie Man so well, I shiver.

My only qualm comes from the description this film had been given - a comedy. Sure, there are moments of comedy, comedic brilliance even, but make no mistake this film is DARK. It's not the Ace Ventura we've all come to know. It's a dark comedy/thriller. If you go into this film expecting it to be dark, and even a tad (dare I say it) scary at times, then get ready for a great ride. The spider scene alone makes your blood run cold... Isn't it great! And for the comedy, Jim Carrey's at his best. A brilliant rendition of Jefferson Airplane's Somebody to Love is one of the film's signatures and most hilarious moments. And not forgetting Matthew Broderic, who had some great lines, wonderful takes - and played straightman to Jim's comedy overture like a virtuoso.

The Cable Guy
Columbia Pictures

I also have the fortune to have a copy of the film's shooting script. I noticed there were quite a few on set revisions, as well as ommissions. There were scenes kept in the final cut, but at the last minute were also removed after test screening results (one of which I had the fortunate attendance). The script itelf is even darker, and could have easily garnered the film an "R" rating. And frankly, I wish it could have been released that way. Even with the cuts to get a PG-13 rating, the film is intense for kids. My hat off to Ben Stiller for a great directing job given the circumstances, and Jim Carrey for taking the risk of expanding his repertoire - and in my book succeeding.

I have to give this film a 7 out of ten - not because of the directing or acting, but because of the interference that didn't let this film be all that it could have been.


Production Companies Columbia Pictures Corporation
Licht/Mueller Film Corporation
Distributor Columbia Pictures
Director Ben Stiller
Writer Lou Holtz Jr.
Producers Judd Apatow
Andrew Licht
Jeffrey A. Mueller
Executive Producers Bernie Brillstein
Brad Grey
Marc Gurvitz
Co-Producer William S. Beasley
Composer John Ottman
Cinematographer Robert Brinkmann
Editor Steven Weisberg
Cast List Jim Carrey
Matthew Broderick
Leslie Mann
Jack Black
George Segal
Diane Baker
Ben Stiller
Eric Roberts
Janeane Garofalo
Andy Dick
Harry O'Reilly
David Cross
Amy Stiller
Owen Wilson
Keith Gibbs
Tommy Hinkley
Shawn Michael Howard
Jeff Kahn
Suli McCullough
Jeff Michalski
Joel Murray
Andrew Shaifer
Cameron Starman
Kathy Griffin
Greg Hopla
John Ferdinand
Misa Koprova
Paul Greco
Aki Aleong
Donna Hardy
Lloyd Kino
Sara Lowell
Cynthia Mason
Michael Rivkin
Harper Roisman
Sandra Thigpen
Sean Whalen
Marty Zagon
Cynthia Lamontagne
James O'Connell
Douglas Robert Jackson
Charles Napier
Christopher Michael
Charles Robinson
John F. O'Donohue
Lydell M. Cheshier
Jason Larimore
Ahmad Reese
Emilio Rivera
Bob Odenkirk
Julie Hayden
Annabelle Gurwitch
Blake Boyd
Liza D'Agostino
Tabitha Soren
Rikki Klieman
Robert Simels
Leonard O. Turner
Carlo Allen
Conrad Janis
Thomas Scott
Steven Scott
Christine Devine
Mark Thompson
Wendy L. Walsh
Marion Dugan
Kyle Gass
David Bowe
Robert 'Bobby Z' Zajonc
.....   The Cable Guy
.....   Steven M. Kovacs
.....   Robin Harris
.....   Rick
.....   Steven's Father
.....   Steven's Mother
.....   Sam Sweet/Stan Sweet
.....   Eric Roberts
.....   Medieval Times Waitress
.....   Medieval Times Host
.....   Steven's Boss
.....   Sales Manager
.....   Steven's Secretary
.....   Robin's Date
.....   Basketball Player
.....   Basketball Player
.....   Basketball Player
.....   Basketball Player
.....   Basketball Player
.....   Basketball Player
.....   Basketball Player
.....   Basketball Player
.....   Cable Boy
.....   Cable Boy's Mother
.....   Medieval Times Fighter
.....   Medieval Times Fighter
.....   Heather
.....   Raul
.....   Karaoke Party Guest
.....   Karaoke Party Guest
.....   Karaoke Party Guest
.....   Karaoke Party Guest
.....   Karaoke Party Guest
.....   Karaoke Party Guest
.....   Karaoke Party Guest
.....   Karaoke Party Guest
.....   Karaoke Party Guest
.....   Karaoke Party Guest
.....   Restaurant Hostess
.....   Bathroom Attendant
.....   Bathroom Patron
.....   Arresting Officer
.....   Arresting Officer
.....   Steven's Lawyer
.....   Prison Guard
.....   Jail Inmate
.....   Jail Inmate
.....   Jail Inmate
.....   Jail Inmate
.....   Steven's Brother
.....   Steven's Sister
.....   Steven's Sister-in-Law
.....   Steven's Brother-in-Law
.....   Newsroom Researcher
.....   Herself
.....   Rikki Klieman
.....   Robert Simels
.....   Sam Sweet Judge
.....   Sam Sweet Court Judge
.....   Father 'Double Trouble'
.....   Sam Sweet - Age 8
.....   Stan Sweet - Age 8
.....   Anchor Woman
.....   Newsroom Reporter
.....   Reporter Outside Courtroom
.....   Robin's Neighbor
.....   Couch Potato
.....   Helicopter Paramedic
.....   Medevac Pilot

Movie Quotes

Chip Douglas: This concludes our broadcast day. Click.

Chip Douglas: I'll juice ya up.

Chip Douglas: Come back here, so that I may brain thee!

Chip Douglas: I got you the big screen TV, deluxe karaoke machine, and THX quality sound that would make George Lucas cream in his pants!

Chip Douglas: I can be your best friend or your worst enemy. You seem to prefer the latter.

Chip Douglas: You better buckle up. I've had a lot to drink... just kidding. That's my humor!

Chip Douglas: Hey, Rick! I never made a slam dunk before. Thanks for the boost.

Chip Douglas: You might recognize this song as performed by Jefferson Airplane, in a little rockumentary called "Gimme Shelter," about the Rolling Stones and their nightmare at Altamont. That night the Oakland chapter of the Hell's Angels had their way. Tonight, it's my turn.


He Can Be Your Best Friend Or Your Worst Enemy.

Once you let him into your house, you'll never get him out of your life!

There's No Such Thing as Free Cable

Once you're hooked... you're his.

For Steven Kovacs, the price of cable is about to go up.

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