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09/23 Tommy Davidson Share Photo With Jim Carrey
Sometimes through work colleagues that you build a friendship can last a lifetime. That's the case between Tommy Davidson and Jim Carrey. Tommy is a comedian and he met Jim Carrey on the set of the tv show "In Living Color" (1990-1994). From that moment on they became friends. Yesterday, Tommy po... Read article

09/16 "Earth Girls Are Easy" is coming to Blu-Ray
In 1989 the movie "Earth Girls Are Easy", premiered. The movie tells the story of a "manicurist whose sunbathing session is interrupted when a spaceship crashes into her pool. She soon befriends the occupants of the vessel - three furry aliens and gives them a makeover to appear human. With their ne... Read article

09/12 Jim Carrey NFT's Art Under Alias
We are as surprised as you. This summer, both in June and August Jim Carrey launched his first NFTs on the SuperRare website. But without anyone knowing Jim had actually done NFTs for a different platform, but this time under an alias. On May 8th of this year, he dropped a collection of NFTs call... Read article

08/20 Jim Carrey Video With 50 Cent, Goes Viral
Once on the internet, it will forever stay there. For better and for worse, it's true. The year was 2009 at the Sundance Festival and it just so happens that it was on January 17th. For those who may not know, it was Jim Carrey's birthday. Rapper 50 Cent was performing his iconic song "In da Club... Read article

08/12 What's next for Jim Carrey
That's the question we all are curious for. Jim Carrey gave some answers for that in the interview with ET this week. We bring the update here. Jim Carrey told ET back in April that he was hoping to take a step back from Hollywood and do a whole lotta nothing. However, he explained that isn't rea... Read article

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08/11/2022  Jim Carrey on His Latest NFT Art and Working With The Weeknd
08/10/2022  Jim Carrey Releases Second NFT 'Goon In Moonlight'
08/09/2022  Sonic 3 Release Date Set for Christmas 2024
08/09/2022  Sonic 2 - Released on DVD & Blu-ray
08/03/2022  Scammers Alert: Criminals Pretending to be Jim Carrey
07/23/2022  Sonic 3 - Writers Working On Script
07/21/2022  New Japanese Sonic 2 Poster
07/14/2022  The Weeknd Stadium Tour Debut Tonight
07/03/2022  "Dirty Daddy: The Bog Saget Tribute" Review
07/01/2022  Jim Carrey Tweet About January 6th Hearings
06/23/2022  Sonic 2 Crosses $400 Million Global Box Office
06/14/2022  Jim Carrey Sells His First NFT Art
06/15/2022  Jim Carrey Twitter Space Interview
06/13/2022  Jim Carrey Will Be Talking Live Tonight
06/09/2022  Jim Carrey Launches Sunshine NFT Auction
06/09/2022  First trailer for 'Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute'
06/08/2022  Jim Carrey Online 26th Anniversary
06/03/2022  Jim Carrey Buys His First NFT
06/01/2022  Bloopers for Sonic 2
05/29/2022  R.I.P. George Shapiro
05/28/2022  Sonic 2 - Lee Majdoub Interview
05/27/2022  Sonic 2 - Deleted Scene fatures Wade and Tom
05/25/2022  Sonic 2 on Blu-ray/DVD in August
05/24/2022  Sonic 2 - Dr. Robotnik Look Featurette
05/18/2022  'A Tribute to Bob Saget' Premiere Date
05/07/2022  Early Concept Art for "Sonic 2" Revealed
05/02/2022  Sonic 2 to stream on Paramount+ May 24
05/01/2022  Sonic 2 Speeds Past Sonic 1 At Worldwide Box Office
04/29/2022  Jim Carrey Responds To Bizarre MAGA Theory That He Is Joe Biden
04/26/2022  Sonic 2 Now Highest-grossing game-based movie ever
04/22/2022  Cannes Poster Features Jim Carrey in "The Truman Show"
04/19/2022  Sonic 2 Crosses $235 million at Easter Weekend
04/16/2022  Sonic 2 - Dr. Robotnik Easter Eggs
04/14/2022  Jim Carrey's Hair and Make-Up Team
04/13/2022  Jim Carrey Wants Fat Eggman
04/12/2022  Sonic 2 is now Jim Carrey's biggest opening ever
04/12/2022  Kids Reporters Interviewed Jim Carrey about Sonic 2
04/11/2022  Jim Carrey Art As NFT
04/10/2022  "Sonic 2" Races To Record $71 Million Debut
04/09/2022  Movie Review: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022)
04/09/2022  Robotnik Won’t Be Recast if Jim Carrey retires
04/08/2022  Sonic The Hedgehog 2 In Theaters Now
04/07/2022  Jim Carrey at The Weeknd "Out Of Time" Music Video
04/07/2022  Sonic 2 Behind-the-scenes clip with Carrey and Elba
04/06/2022  Sonic 2 Blue Carpet with Photos and Videos
04/05/2022  Livestream of Blue Carpet Tonight
04/05/2022  No Ace Ventura 3
04/04/2022  Dr. Robotnik Snapchat Filter
04/03/2022  Jim Carrey and grandson at Sonic 2 Family Day Event
04/03/2022  Jim Carrey at The Kelly Clarkson Show

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