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09/11 Jim Carrey Could Have Been in The Simpsons
Sometimes there’s some opportunities that pass you by while others simply happen at the wrong time. That’s what happened with Jim Carrey's participation in the animated series “The Simpsons”. He almost was part of Season 12, episode "Simpsons Tall Tales" but he was too busy with other projects an... Read article

08/09 Sonic 3 Filming Delayed To September
Due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, the filming of "Sonic the Hedgehog 3" has been delayed to start in September but without actors. They will work with props. Probably for the CGI scenes with Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Shadow. But if the strikes continue we aren't sure what will happen. Unfortunate... Read article

08/03 Sonic 3 - Pre Prodution Sets
With the still ongoing actors and writer's Strike in Hollywood, many movies and tv shows have been on standby. The filming of Sonic 3, is set to happen late this months but it's still not known if that will happen or not. Regardless, the production of the movie is still working. Recently, phot... Read article

07/14 Possible Delay for Sonic 3
Well, we do hope this doesn't happen but things change in Hollywood, all the time. There was an indication that Sonic The Hedgehog 3, wouldn't suffer any delays because of the Writer Strike that has been happening in the USA for a few months now. The movie is set to be released on December 20th, ... Read article

07/08 Original "Batman Forever" Cut Was Screened, Runtime 158 Minutes
Batman has been a character that has withstand the test of time. Many actors have played him through the years, some with better results, others, not so much. In 1995, "Batman Forever" hit theaters and Jim Carrey starred in it playing the villain: The Riddler. In general the movie was well acclai... Read article

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07/06/2023  The Truman Show Released in 4K Blu-Ray
07/01/2023  "Knuckles" Cast
06/28/2023  Nominated for Canadian Comedy Hall Of Fame
06/26/2023  Sonic 3 – Production Start Date
04/21/2023  Sonic LEGO Sets
04/18/2023  “Knuckles” Production Has Begun
04/09/2023  Sonic 3 - Ben Schwartz Talks About Jim Carrey Returning
04/01/2023  Jim Carrey Is Buying A Hockey Team
03/05/2023  Sonic 2 Wins 'Favourite Movie' At Kids' Choice Awards
02/28/2023  Sonic 2 Wins Movieguide Award
02/09/2023  Jim Carrey Deletes His Twitter Account
02/05/2023  Jim Carrey Sells His Brentwood Home
02/01/2023  Jim Carrey nominated for 3 Kids Choice Awards
01/28/2023  Memorable Moment: SNL Audition
01/17/2023  Happy 61st Birthday Jim Carrey
01/10/2023  Releases New Song Named "Jim Carrey"
12/31/2022  Happy New Year!
12/26/2022  Best of 2022: Sonic 2
12/24/2022  Merry Christmas!
12/23/2022  Best of 2022: NFT Auctions
12/20/2022  Best of 2022: Goodbye Twitter
12/16/2022  Best of 2022: Verizon Super Bowl Ad
12/12/2022  Best of 2022: Dawn FM Album
11/30/2022  Jim Carrey Leaves Twitter
11/22/2022  Bruce Almighty Sequel That Never Happend
11/20/2022  Kevin Lynch Photoshoot with Jim Carrey
11/16/2022  Jim Carrey cartoon: When you Cruz you LOSE
11/16/2022  Jim Carrey Responds To Being Banned
11/15/2022  Jim Carrey Banned From Russia
11/11/2022  Jim Carrey Elon Musk Cartoon
11/06/2022  New Political Cartoon by Jim Carrey
10/30/2022  Happy Halloween
10/11/2022  SEGA Explaines Greenlit for Sonic Movies
09/29/2022  Jim Carrey Tweets About "Princess Bride"
09/23/2022  Tommy Davidson Share Photo With Jim Carrey
09/16/2022  "Earth Girls Are Easy" is coming to Blu-Ray
09/12/2022  Jim Carrey NFT's Art Under Alias
08/20/2022  Jim Carrey Video With 50 Cent, Goes Viral
08/12/2022  What's next for Jim Carrey
08/11/2022  Jim Carrey on His Latest NFT Art and Working With The Weeknd
08/10/2022  Jim Carrey Releases Second NFT 'Goon In Moonlight'
08/09/2022  Sonic 3 Release Date Set for Christmas 2024
08/09/2022  Sonic 2 - Released on DVD & Blu-ray
08/03/2022  Scammers Alert: Criminals Pretending to be Jim Carrey
07/23/2022  Sonic 3 - Writers Working On Script
07/21/2022  New Japanese Sonic 2 Poster
07/14/2022  The Weeknd Stadium Tour Debut Tonight
07/03/2022  "Dirty Daddy: The Bog Saget Tribute" Review
07/01/2022  Jim Carrey Tweet About January 6th Hearings
06/23/2022  Sonic 2 Crosses $400 Million Global Box Office

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