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07/16 New movie title and logo for "Sonic the Hedgehog"?
We have got a tip from an anonymous user from Twitter. He found information about filming for "Sonic the Hedgehog" in Vancouver, Canada between August 7th and August 10th. In a letter the production company, Hedgehog Films Inc., describe technical information and more interesting facts about the upc... Read article

07/13 Sonic The Hedgehog Begins Production
That Jim Carrey will be awesome playing the character of 'Dr. Robotnik' aka 'Doctor Eggman' in the upcoming movie "Sonic the Hedgehog", we have absolutely no doubt. But the hardest part will be to wait for it to premiere. A few days ago, the production of the movie has officially started. A pictu... Read article

07/08 I'm Dying Up Here - Season Finale Tonight
Jim Carrey's Showtime Series "I'm Dying Up Here", lets you know how hard it was to make it as a stand-up comedian in the 70's and tonight, the Season 2 finale air. Compared to the first season, there is an increase of viewers which is a positive sign for a possible third season. Last year, Sho... Read article

06/29 Jim Carrey to Play Dr. Robotnik in Sonic the Hedgehog
Jim Carrey has been busy lately but apparently we will get to see him in a new movie again soon. Jim is in final negotiations to play the villain in the movie "Sonic the Hedgehog" by director Jeff Fowler. The live-action movie will feature both CGI and comedic performances as "The Mask" and Jim i... Read article

06/22 Nothing You Really Love - New "Kidding" Teaser
As we continue in our journey throughout the countdown for the premiere of Showtime's series "Kidding", staring our dear Jim Carrey, they have decided to tease us a bit more. Yesterday, they released the new clip 'Nothing You Really Love', in which, Jim Carrey singings a very touching song as wel... Read article

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06/16/2018  Jim Carrey's Latest Political Art
06/13/2018  Jim Carrey's Official Social Media
06/10/2018  Social medias for "Kidding"
06/08/2018  First trailer for Kidding
06/07/2018  Exclusive Look of Jim Carrey from "Kidding"
06/02/2018  Release Date and Poster for Dark Crimes in UK
06/01/2018  Dark Crimes: Movie Review
05/26/2018  First Look: Jim Carrey in "Kidding"!
05/24/2018  Dark Crimes - DVD & Blu-ray Release Date
05/22/2018  Jim Carrey At The 16th Annual Backstage at the Geffen Event
05/19/2018  Jim Carrey and Robin Williams Respect For Each other
05/18/2018  Dark Crimes - Available in Theaters and on iTunes!
05/08/2018  I'm Dying Up Here Season 2 Launch Party
05/06/2018  Dark Crimes - The Truth Movie Clip
04/30/2018  Jim Carrey and Pauly Shore
04/28/2018  Dark Crimes - New Official Stills
04/27/2018  Jim Carrey at the set of "I'm Dying Up Here"
04/25/2018  "Dark Crimes" - New Release Date
04/22/2018  I'm Dying Up Here - Season Premiere Online!
04/21/2018  "Dark Crimes" Movie Clip - Interrogation
04/20/2018  I'm Dying Up Here - World Premiere
04/19/2018  Jim Carrey Surprise Appearance On Conan
04/15/2018  Jim Carrey Pays Tribute To Milos Forman
04/14/2018  Official Poster for "Dark Crimes"
04/12/2018  "Dark Crimes" Official Trailer Released
04/11/2018  Jim Carrey Pays Tribute To Mitzi Shore
04/10/2018  The Mask Animated Series on DVD today
04/08/2018  Kidding - Start Of Production
04/01/2018  Jim Carrey - An official cartoonist
03/31/2018  Dark Crimes Trailer
03/30/2018  Watch The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling Clip
03/27/2018  I'm Dying Up Here Season 2 Official Trailer
03/26/2018  New Dark Crimes Movie Still
03/25/2018  Jim Carrey In The Top 10 Social Media Ranking List
03/23/2018  Jim Carrey's Cartoons
03/17/2018  Justin Kirk Joins Jim Carrey on "Kidding"
03/15/2018  Jim Carrey Pays Tribute To Stephen Hawking
03/01/2018  Poster for The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling
02/26/2018  Release Date for "Dark Crimes"
02/25/2018  Xosha Roquemore Set To Recur in I'm Dying Up Here
02/23/2018  Official Trailer For Garry Shandling Documentary
02/17/2018  Pro-life?!
02/14/2018  "Kidding" New Cast Member - Judy Greer
02/07/2018  Jim Carrey Vows To Leave Facebook
02/01/2018  Justice Wins - Lawsuit dismissed
01/25/2018  True Crimes Has a New Title and Coming in Theaters
01/20/2018  Parker and Owen join "I'm Dying Up Here"
01/17/2018  Happy Birthday Jim Carrey!
01/15/2018  Jim Carrey part of new "In Living Color" Book
01/12/2018  Brad Garrett joins I'm Dying Up Here

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