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04/22 Feeding a bird
After a couple of months away from Twitter, Jim Carrey has been posting more regularly lately and we are very happy about that. In his most recent tweet, he shares with fans a video, featuring him feeding a bird, which flies close to him to get the food. Here's the tweet and video: ;^) p... Read article

04/16 Happy Easter
Regardless of your religion, regardless if you are religious or not, many people in the world join together to celebrate Easter. We here, at JCO hope you had a great Easter, filled with sweets and the love of your family and we wish you continue to have an amazing Spring Break. Jim Carrey also... Read article

04/14 I'm Dying Up Here At The Moontower Comedy Festival
If you love comedy, the Moontower Comedy Festival is the place to be. It will take place is Austin from April 19-22 " bringing world-class comedians to town while also shining a spotlight on our own stand-up talent." But the best part is, that you may get to be one of the people to first see a sc... Read article

04/13 The Bad Batch Trailer#2
The premiere of "The Bad Batch" will happen in June 23rd of this year and a second trailer has been released to promote it. In it, we see the main character struggles to move through the desert, without one of her legs and arms by laying in a skate. We also get to see a bit more of Keanu Reaves "... Read article

04/10 I'm Dying Up Here - The Cast & Creators Video
The new Showtime TV show by Jim Carrey "I'm Dying Up Here" will give us an unique perspective on the life and struggles of a stand up comedian in the 70's. That's guarantee not only by the cast but also by the creators of show, who talk about it in a recently upload video of the show's official YouT... Read article

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04/09/2017  I'm Dying Up Here Official Trailer#2
04/07/2017  Jim Carrey Pays Tribute to Don Rickles
04/05/2017  "True Crimes" Finds Distributor
04/01/2017  Jim Carrey Opens A Pet Shop
03/29/2017  Jim Carrey On Trump Presidency
03/23/2017  I'm Dying Up Here Premieres at Paris Festival
03/22/2017  Jim Carrey Back On Twitter
02/22/2017  "I'm Dying Up Here" World Premiere in March
02/14/2017  The Bad Batch - Release Date and Trailer
01/23/2017  Jim Carrey Tweet Barack Obama
01/19/2017  Elton John's Oscar Party 2017
01/17/2017  Happy 55th Birthday Jim Carrey!
01/11/2017  I'm Dying Up Here Press Conference
01/10/2017  I'm Dying Up Here Official Trailer
01/02/2017  Jim Carrey New Year Show with Alice Cooper
12/31/2016  Happy New Year - 2017 Will Rock!
12/26/2016  Memorable Moment: MTV's Jim Carrey Uncensored
12/23/2016  JCO Wishes You All Merry Christmas
12/19/2016  Best of 2016: I'm Dying Up Here
12/13/2016  Best of 2016: True Crimes
12/06/2016  Best of 2016: The Bad Batch
11/17/2016  Memorable Moment: The Afternoon Show
11/09/2016  Jim Carrey the cartoonist
11/03/2016  Jim Carrey dresses up in response to Adele
10/27/2016  20th Anniversary Tribute To Jim Carrey
10/24/2016  Jim Carrey Online Celebrates 20th Anniversary
10/23/2016  Jim Carrey Inspirational Message
10/14/2016  True Crimes Reviews
10/06/2016  Changes Of "The Bad Batch" Sound
09/28/2016  True Crimes Gets a Premiere Date
09/21/2016  Jim Carrey Statement About Lawsuit
09/19/2016  Jim Carrey At The Showtime Emmy Eve Party
09/16/2016  The Bad Batch gets 2017 release date
09/10/2016  The Bad Batch Winner of Special Jury Prize!
09/10/2016  The Bad Batch At The Beyond Festival
09/09/2016  Netflix Buys Streaming Rights to "The Bad Batch"
09/07/2016  The Bad Batch Overall Reviews
09/07/2016  The Bad Batch - Jim Carrey Character Details
09/06/2016  First 2 "The Bad Batch" Clips
09/06/2016  Live Updates all day - World Premiere of The Bad Batch
09/04/2016  "True Crimes" At The Warsaw Film Festival
09/02/2016  "I'm Dying Up Here" Fills Out Cast with Sarah Hay and more
08/30/2016  Jim Carrey Pay Tribute To Gene Wilder
08/28/2016  Fantastic News - U.S. premiere for The Bad Batch
08/25/2016  North American Premiere for "The Bad Batch"
08/22/2016  Memorable Moment: GMTV Interview In London
08/14/2016  Jim Carrey Working on "I'm Dying Up Here"
08/11/2016  The Bad Batch at The Toronto International Film Festival
08/10/2016  Jim Carrey Sighting
08/08/2016  The Bad Batch Release Date

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