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Exclusives / Specials

Over the years we have been fortunate enough to have been granted interviews with Jim Carrey himself and we are very proud of the ever growing list of exclusive interviews and miscellaneous articles held on JCO. Here in the 'Exclusives' section are the 'jewels in the JCO crown'.

The Grinch - Interview 2000

Our L.A. correspondent Heather Wadowski interviewed Jim Carrey in 2000 as part of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" junket and probed Jim Carrey for the juicy details of being covered from head to toe in fur...

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The Majestic - Interview 2001

Lucky JCO correspondent Heather Wadowski met Jim Carrey a second time, this time to interrogate him about his experiences on the set of the drama "The Majestic" and what the film means to him.

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Bruce Almighty - Interview 2003

Heather Wadowski managed to wangle a third interview with Jim Carrey back in 2003. This time to discuss the comedy "Bruce Almighty". It's a great interview and well worth a read folks where she also interviewed the director Tom Shadyac.

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Venice Filmfestival 1998

Italian fan Paola Ferrante was lucky enough to meet Jim Carrey during the 1998 Venice Film Festival. There to promote "The Truman Show", Jim mingled with fans and Paola recounts her experience of the event.

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