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01/31/2020  Jim Carrey In London to promote Sonic
01/30/2020  Jim Carrey Would Do a Sequel do Sonic
01/29/2020  Jim Carrey In Berlin to promote Sonic
01/29/2020  Jim Carrey Open For "The Mask" Sequel
01/28/2020  Book Event in Miami
01/28/2020  New Dr. Robotnik Clip
01/27/2020  Official Website for Sonic the Hedgehog
01/27/2020  Sonic the Hedgehog Press Junket
01/26/2020  Jim Carrey at The Graham Norton Show
01/26/2020  Book Event in San Francisco
01/25/2019  Jim Carrey Book Official Cover
01/25/2020  Sonic Movie Clip: Can't Do This On My Own
01/24/2020  Speed Me Up (From "Sonic the Hedgehog")
01/23/2020  Kidding Episode List for Season 2
01/19/2020  Official Trailer for "Kidding" Season 2
01/17/2020  Happy 58th Birthday Jim Carrey!
01/16/2020  Dr. Robotnik Character Poster
01/16/2020  Book Event: An Evening with Jim Carrey
01/15/2020  Sonic The Hedgehog Rated PG
01/13/2020  Poster for Kidding Season 2
01/10/2020  Sonic with new Posters
01/05/2020  Behind The Scenes Footage from "Kidding" Season 2
01/02/2020  R.I.P. Sonny Mehta
12/31/2019  Happy New Year - May 2020 Be Amazing
12/27/2019  International Sonic Trailer Shows Off Baby Sonic
12/24/2019  Merry Christmas!
12/22/2019  Holiday message from Mr. Pickles
12/18/2019  Best of 2019: Jim Carrey's Political Cartoons
12/11/2019  Ace Ventura 3 Is A Possibility
12/10/2019  Win A Trip To LA with Sonic the Hedgehog
12/07/2019  New Artistic Posters For Sonic The Hedgehog
11/19/2019  More Details about Jim's Novel 'Memoirs and Misinformation'
11/18/2019  It's Gary Shandling's Book
11/12/2019  Sonic the Hedgehog Poster Spotlights Dr. Robotnik
11/12/2019  New Redesigned Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer
11/07/2019  New Sonic The Hedgehog Standee Online
10/29/2019  Sonic the Hedgehog New Look Standee
10/16/2019  First Look At Sonic The Hedgehog’s Official Movie Redesign
10/02/2019  Jim Carrey to Release Novel in May
09/19/2019  Kidding Season 2 Postponed to 2020
09/09/2019  Kidding Season 2 Done Filming
09/06/2019  Cole Allen Wrapped Filming of Kidding
08/26/2019  Video Clip from "This Light Never Goes Out" Exhibition
08/24/2019  Jim Carrey Spottet Filming Last Episode of Kidding
08/19/2019  Kidding Season 2 Almost done Filming
08/17/2019  Jim Carrey Talks About Meeting Ariana Grande
08/11/2019  Father son portrait on the set from Kidding
08/06/2019  Sonic The Hedgehog Statement About Jim Carrey
08/04/2019  Kidding at The TCA 2019 Summer Press Tour
08/02/2019  Trailer for Kidding Season 2 & Premiere Date

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