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Insiders comments on "Man On The Moon" and latest additions to the cast
08 Sep 1998    

The following scoop is transcribed courtesy of The Andy Kaufman Home Page):

Tony Clifton has begun to terrorize everyone at Universal, not to mention everyone else in Hollywood. Not only has Tony been brawling with crew members, but he has declared war on the old "Taxi" crew (Henner, Hirsch, Kane, Conaway, et al.) and succeeds in tormenting them on a daily basis. And his obnoxious behavior doesn't end when his bodyguard hauls his drunken ass off the set at the end of each day. This past weekend Clifton crashed Hugh Hefner's "Mid-Summer's Night" party at his L.A. Playboy Mansion. In an odd coincidence, Jim Carrey also attended the party.

Editor's Note: Not only has Mr. Clifton been terrorizing Hollywood, as he also seems to have developed a recent interest for the Internet. He has been allegedly sending posts (in his very personal writing style) to both alt.fan.jim-carrey and alt.fan.andy-kaufman newsgroups and even harassing people on a certain well-known entertainment chat room.

Regarding the movie's latest additions to the cast it was reported that Peter Bonerz will play "Taxi" producer Ed. Weinberger and that also appearing as themselves will be Lorne Michaels and Budd Friedman. Norm MacDonald will play a stand-up comic on a late-night talk show scene with Andy Kaufman.

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