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Web Correspondent

Hi! How are you all?

My name is Eva and I'm the JCO Web Correspondent from Portugal!

I love Jim Carrey! I've liked him all of my life but I only became his official fan in August 2010.

I first saw him in the movie "The Mask" when it 1st aired on TV in my country in 1995. It has a special meaning to me because it was the 1st one, but choosing a favorite is close to impossible because all the others would always be very close behind. I think he's a wonderful person and an amazing actor. There's not one single movie of him that I don't like… Even though I have a few that I see a bit more often than others! ^^'

He moves and inspires me. When I saw "The Mask" I was 9 years old and I saw an actor who could be funny. Now, as an adult, I see the tenderness, sweetness and truth in his eyes in every performance, movie, TV show, interview, picture, through his characters, through his "random acts of silliness" and through the seriousness of important issues.

Because he's ALL of those things, I love him. And because of that I'm a God damn proud fan of James Eugene Carrey!

I'm so honor and happy to be part of the JCO community who is the best and the number one source for any Jim Carrey fan and I'm going to do my best to bring you all the information by contributing will all that I can.

Thank you all!
Eva Araújo
- Eva Araújo (11/14/2012)