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Editor / Reporter (L.A.)

If there is one thing everybody knows about me, it is how much I LOVE Jim Carrey. As a teenager, my room was nicknamed The Shrine due to the wall-to-wall pictures, posters and even stand-up cutouts I had of Jim. While those items have since been packed away, I still keep the photo of the two of us from when I interviewed Jim for The Majestic on my desk at work--as well as a copy of it in my wallet (it's before my wedding photo, if anyone's wondering). Not only is Jim a great actor, as someone who's been lucky enough to have interviewed him several times he is also a great person (not to mention a total hottie!). My favorite movie ever made is Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, not just because it is a Jim Carrey movie but because it is the funniest movie I have ever seen. I never laughed so hard in my life! After Ace I would have to say Man on the Moon is one of my other favorites, though I'm a bit biased since I worked on the set as an extra for a few days. Seeing Jim on set when the cameras weren't rolling was a great experience, and one I won't soon forget!
- Heather Wadowski Turk (11/23/2006)