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Jim Carrey singing with Fleetwood Mac

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Jim Carrey singing with Fleetwood Mac

Postby tlmarvin » Sun Aug 27, 2017 9:12 pm

Sunday, August 27, 2017--3:09 pm CST

Hey JCO:

I found another video of Jim Carrey in Hawaii. He's singing with Fleetwood Mac. It's on You Tube. I tried to share it on your Facebook page. But I couldn't, so I posted it on yall's Twitter page. It's 3:40. It's a very neat and cute video. Hope yall will see it. I mentioned the video on Facebook Messenger.


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Re: Jim Carrey singing with Fleetwood Mac

Postby EvaAraujo » Sun Aug 27, 2017 9:22 pm

Here the video!
Thanks for the heads up Terry!

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Re: Jim Carrey singing with Fleetwood Mac

Postby fluffy » Mon Aug 28, 2017 9:23 am

Looks like fun....
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