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Cool Jim interview about Horton,Evan&swearing!

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Cool Jim interview about Horton,Evan&swearing!

Postby jimliker » Thu Mar 20, 2008 2:15 pm

Carrey credits his tenacity partially to his Canadian heritage and says he sees the same trait in many Australians.

‘‘All the Australians I know are really cool people,'' the lanky 46-year-old says. ‘‘They remind me a lot of Canadians -- they have the same kind of vibe, the fun-loving, cool vibe. ‘‘Certainly a lot of amazing talent is coming out of there -- Jesus, it's incredible. I think it comes from a desire to do something extraordinary. I think you try harder when you come from a place like that, you try harder to be good.''

‘‘I read him (Evan) The Grinch every night for a long time because he's autistic and kids who have autism, when they get something in their head, it's all they want,'' he says. ‘‘So literally every night I would read The Grinch to him, and he didn't know the actual Grinch was reading The Grinch to him. ‘‘He got to see pieces of the movie and it's funny because he'll come up and start saying the lines to me.'' ‘‘We've introduced Evan to Horton Hears a Who! now,'' Carrey says. ‘‘And we're getting him ready for the premiere. Every night he's like, ‘Horton, Horton, Horton'. He's addicted to it.''

‘‘Cause Doctor Seuss is f--king alternative to me -- for a kid, it's as punk as you get. It's really kid punk.'' ‘‘When I did The Grinch, I'm like ‘I'm the f--king grinch!' '' he says, his voice dropping to an awestruck whisper.

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