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Robert Pattinson Crushing on Jim Carrey

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Robert Pattinson Crushing on Jim Carrey

Postby jimliker » Mon Jun 04, 2012 4:22 pm

"The Mask," Pattinson enthused. "When I was younger, I used to, like, memorize every single line. And I'd watch it and just say the lines. I love Jim Carrey! I think he's amazing. He's one of the most consistent actors, and people don't really realize it because he's a comedian. I think he's phenomenal. He's really, really great."

Looks like Jim Carrey has a really, really famous fan. RPattz went on to gush--er--reveal how much he'd love to work with Carrey, and also with another comedic actor, Eddie Murphy.

You can watch Robert Pattinson talk about his man crush, Jim Carrey, as well as Murray, Depp, Nicholson, Cosmopolis, Twilight, and lots of other things on the video below.

http://celebs.gather.com/viewArticle.ac ... 4981374815

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