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The Duck Factory - Information
11 Oct 2007    

By Priya B (Web correspondent)

Jim Carrey's first series in his career was "The Duck Factory" (1984), produced by MTM Enterprises for NBC. It has now its own page on Jim Carrey Online. Click here.

The series total runtime is 400 minutes and is released on VHS only. Fox Movies has no plans to release it on DVD. The series was scheduling up against the popular series "Cheers" and unfortunately, "The Duck Factory" was cancelled after the first seasons 13 episodes.

"The Duck Factory" concerns the comic adventures of the employees of a hard-luck animation company (nicknamed "The Duck Factory" because its star cartoon charaepisodes.cter is a duck on a network TV show that's always on the verge of being cancelled).

Jim Carrey

In the opening segment, young Skip Tarkenton (Jim Carrey) arrives in Hollywood, fresh from a midwestern town, to accept a job from the company's owner, Buddy Winkler. Unluckily, Winkler has just died, so Skip stays on and soon finds himself the unwilling producer of the TV series and involved with the employees of The Duck Factory.

The new movie area page contains everything about the series including information about the story line, quotes and soundclips. Also check out the Episode Guide which has details about all 13 episodes with cast and pictures. There are 140 new pictures (screen captures) added to JCO today from all episodes. Another interesting thing is the interview with Larry Verne (crew member from the series). JCO interviewed him some years ago about the series.

-- With big thanks to cotton for text material. Click to comment this article.

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