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Review: David Letterman
13 Mar 2008    

By Nicola West (Editor/Writer (UK))

For those of you who have been dreaming of Jim in a bathrobe, your dreams came true on Mondays Late Show with David Letterman.

After a false start David had to go looking on the street for Jim where he was found signing autographs before declaring he'd forgotten about the switch to daylight saving time on Saturday night and was being massaged in his hotel, when he should have been on the show.
After dashing onto the set wearing just a robe, socks and slippers, Carrey told Letterman, "I was at a spa at the hotel. I was in the middle of an incredible massage. Then Svetlana started talking about daylight saving time. I immediately went flaccid and I ran right over here."

David Letterman
© Late Show with David Letterman

Hiding behind a chair, Jim stripped got dressed in clothes handed to him by an assistant called Lance and asked a shocked Dave to hold his gun for safekeeping. Apologizing for being late Jim then discussed daylight saving time and proceded with an impersonation of a Native-American. Curious about Jims weapon David asked why does Jim need to carry a weapon? Jim said it was to keep away the paparazzi, or stalkerazzi as he calls them. To illustrate his point he showed a photo from a recent US magazine of Jimís gingivitis mouth then a clip from 'his' colonoscopy. Citing TMZ as the perpetators he then declared they are pigs and heís never had a colonoscopy. They somehow got the footage while he was in the parking lot of Whole Foods. Jim then revealed his secret for fooling the paps, a body double decoy named Dolph, dressed like Ace and built like a truck.

Proceding to share some anecdotes pinched from other celebrities, including David he then went on to discuss Horton.

"Horton Hears a Who!" is out tomorrow!

-- Source: Late Show with David Letterman. Click to comment this article.

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