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Countdown For The Oscars - Jim Carrey Look Back
27 Feb 2014    

By Eva Ara˙jo (Web correspondent)

Of all the award ceremonies, the most important ones happen right at the beginning of the year. The Oscars are considered the most important of them all since both the award and nominations are chosen by their own piers in the movies and entertainment industry.

Unfortunately Jim Carrey has never been nominated for one (and we sure hope so it can happen soon), yet, he has been at the ceremony four different times...

Next Sunday, March 2nd Jim will mark his fifth time as a presenter at the Oscars. No one entertains like Jim and he has certainly proven that through the years, making every change at presenting a performance on its own.

In 1996 Jim went to the Oscar to present the Oscar for Cinematography to "Braveheart", initially playing with action figures from the "Toy Story" animated movie, he ends up cracking a laugh of all the audience by explain what cinematography is.

Further Info:
The 68th Academy Awards
Held February 11, 1996
Hosted by Whoopi Goldberg

Jim returned the following year (1997) this time to present to the movie "Independence Day" the Oscar for Best Visual Effects. Again, he joked with the category by showing some cool dance moves, showing the audience the true reason why he's so talented.

Further Info:
The 69th Academy Awards
Held March 24, 1997
Hosted by Billy Crystal

Due to his winning of a Golden Globe for his performance in "The Truman Show", many thought he would be nominated for an Oscar in 1999. That didn't happen but yet Jim attended the ceremony and gave an Oscar worth performance of his own by portraying to be sad and embarrassed about not being nominated.

Further Info:
The 71st Academy Awards
Held March 21, 1999
Hosted by Whoopi Goldberg

The last time we saw Jim at the Oscars was in 2004 when he gave Blake Edwards an Honorary Oscar. This time the director join Jim in the joke by pretending to have lost control of a wheelchair and crashing into a wall.

Further Info:
The 76th Academy Awards
Held February 29, 2004
Hosted by Billy Crystal

Finally after ten years we will be able to see Jim again, presenting, next Sunday night! It was not yet disclosed which category he will be presenting but we at JCO will keep you to keep you posted as more news come.

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