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Memorable Moment: Die Harald Schmidt Show (2000)
05 May 2016    

By Amanda Jayne (Web correspondent)

Jim Carrey was in 2000 interviewed for 'Die Harald Schmidt Show', which was a late night talk show in Germany. A feature in the show is the reporter Helmut Zerlett who meets celebs, and this time it was Jim Carrey. The interview opens with fabulous clips from "How the Grinch Stole Christmas", which Jim was promoting in Europe that time. It aired on November 23, 2000 on Sat1.

Jim Carrey

The introduction to the interview is in German, but stay with it for a few seconds if you do not speak the language, because it's a truly, truly funny video!

Jim Carrey tells us a funny story about how it felt having to be in the "Grinch" costume all day and that both he and Eddie Murphy (who was filming "Nutty Professor" on the same lot) were both dealing with it.

There are some lovely close up camera shots in this interview of Jim's face and even the comments on the YouTube gush about how handsome he looks. Jim talks about Christmas and the fact it drives us all crazy until we are slowly worn down with the cuteness of it, like a child singing a song or an old movie like "A Christmas Carol", how we slowly melt away. Of course this is what "The Grinch" is about and Jim explains it like this, "No one is unreachable at Christmas, sooner or later it will get you".

The editing is also genius in this interview of the interaction going on between Jim and the obvious admiration the interviewer, Helmut Zerlett has for Jim. We have a brilliantly, brilliantly funny piece where the camera does a constant switch back from the German guy to Jim with the song "I don't know much (But I Know I Love You)" playing over it, not to be missed HILARIOUS.

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